MARY ROGERS Tribute by Milly Mahoney 1998

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 09: Biography
EE Program

MARY ROGERS Tribute by Milly Mahoney 1998

Milly Mahoney once heard an EE workshop leader say, And if you’ve ever had a walk in the woods with Mary Rogers at Pine Mountain, you know the relationship of ecology and spirituality.”

The following tribute was read on October 8, 1998, before a meeting of the Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) long-time supporters of Pine Mountain Settlement School. Milly pays homage to the many talents of her friend of many years, Mary Rogers who had died in the spring of 1998.

The touching tribute captures well the remarkable power of Mary’s message to visitors and to the many classes she taught in the program she founded, the Pine Mountain Environmental Education Program.