GLYN MORRIS 1932-34 Correspondence Oma Creech

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1932-34 Correspondence

GLYN MORRIS 1932-34 Correspondence with Oma Creech

Oma Creech and friends at Berea College. [creech_d_album_A01_005b]

GLYN MORRIS 1932-34 Correspondence Oma Creech
September 20, 1932 – January 17, 1934

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[Note: Letters from PMSS staff in the PMSS Collections are carbon copies, typewritten, unsigned, and meant for the Office files. The original signed documents were sent to the correspondents.]


001 September 20, 1932. To Miss Margaret Freiberg, Cincinnati, OH, from Glyn Morris, PMSS Director, asking for a contribution to the Oma Creech Fund, stating that Oma

…is enthusiastic about returning to Medical School, but is wondering if she will be able to meet her financial obligations. Tuition is $350.00 a year or $182.50 a semester…. This is Oma’s third year at Medical School; she is well on the finishing stretch towards achieving the realization of a splendid vision.

002 September 20, 1932. To Dr. A. Little, Laconia, NH, [Dr. Abby Noyes Little, former PMSS staff] from Morris. [Same letter as 001.]


003 August 29, 1933. To Miss Edith Storer, Waltham, MA, [mother of Emily Storer, former PMSS staff] from Morris. With Oma Creech ready to begin her last year at Medical School in Louisville, Morris asks for “one more contribution.” Once Oma graduates, “she will be in a position to pass on your kindness and good will through her services to her own people in some of the remote hollows of the mountains.”


004 January 17, 1934 To Miss Ellen G. Todd, Newburyport, MA. [Similar letter to 003.] Mentions that Oma, while home on Christmas vacation, treated a case of “puerprel infection” in Cutshin, KY, and “so we feel that our investment is already beginning to pay dividends….’

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