NOTES – 2007

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: PMSS Publications (Published by the School)

NOTES – 2007
“Notes from the Pine Mountain Settlement School”



NOTES – 2007 NOVEMBER: Nancy Adams; Burton Rogers; Mary Rogers; environmental education; Vanessa Zeoli; Ginger Shank; Sommer Torabi; Kentucky College of Design School of Architecture; Reading Camp; Steele-Reese Foundation; farming; obituaries; R. Springer Hoskins; Board of Trustees; Preservation Field School; Dan Mazzotti; Gettysburg National Military Park; Kentucky Heritage Council; log houses; Putney Ranger Station; National Preservation Training Center; Kentucky State Division of Forestry; preservation; conservation; Fair Day; Summer Day Camp; Bookmobiles; Earl Hamner; Judy Hensley; swimming pool; wetlands; Jim Lemke; Arboretum State Botanical Garden of Kentucky; Fred Hall; Mike Hall; Gola Smith; Gerry Boggs Malloy; Shirley Boggs Ruyack (1948-49); Mattie Decker; Ann Andaloro; homecomings;

Nancy Adams on the death of Burton Rogers: “My last visit with Burton was on May 7th at his home. He remained engaged in Pine Mountain matters, and on this day, we had planned to view one of the School’s historic films. He had agreed to help me try to identify some of the people and places in the film. At the end of the visit, as I was heading toward the front door, he stopped me. ‘You know,” he said, “Pine Mountain was my life.'”