JOHN A. SPELMAN III Misc. Block Proofs and Prints

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 09: Staff/Personnel


Imprints were made of John A. Spelman III linoleum and wood blocks in c. 1963. The blocks were then wrapped in newsprint and the block impressions attached to the wrapped blocks. This list represents the impressions of blocks located in the Pine Mountain Settlement School Collections for John Spelman III and includes work from approximately 1938 to 1947.  The represented proofs were on the block wrappers represent calendars, school brochures, student  Conifer Literary covers, etc.. Some drawings by Spelman III are included as these were transferred to metal plates for later printing and were found with the newspaper wrappings for the metal plates. A small body of Spelman’s work is not represented in this series; for example, the blocks used to illustrate his book At Home In the Hills (1939), first edition and his large blocks created for The Kentucky by Kentucky author, Thomas D. Clark. The Kentucky (1941, reprinted 1992) was one of the books in the Rivers of America series.

Pine Mountain is appreciative of the recent work to conserve and preserve the blocks of John A. Spelman III by scholars *Scott Husby and Tracey Cullen.

TAGS: John Spelman III ; linoleum blocks ; woodblocks ; drawings ; block printing ; art ; Appalachian life ; Appalachian work ;


*Scott Husby is a bookbinder and conservator who has worked at both the Beinecke Library, Yale University, and at Princeton University. Tracey Cullen is the former editor of Hesperia, the journal of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, Greece. (ASCSA).