BUILT ENVIRONMENT Inventories 1926 and 1942 Value Buildings and Equipment

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 10: Built Environment

Inventories 1926 and 1942  Insurance Buildings and Equipment

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A log from sawmill goes past Big Log House [1920s]  mccullough_II_51a

June 30, 1926

Note that this early inventory does not include buildings constructed after 1926, particularly West Wind, and buildings that were destroyed or removed, such as Pole House and the first Boy’s Industrial and the new Draper Industrial building. The list also accounts for other physical structures such as the Swimming Pool, but does not list the Reservoir.

The following inventory assesses the value of each property in 1926 and in 1942. NOTE: The 1942 value was not included on the chart?

Big Log House5,285.88
Boy's House12,159.64
Chicken House & Yard1,249.80
Far House [i]5,036.02
Farm House3,353.36
Girl's House4,701.92
Model House [Practice House, Country Cottage]1,557.34
Old Log House605.58
School House "Burkham School House II]13,514.15
Tool House274.00
Work Shop2,256.28
Swimming Pool1,212.87
Line Fork Settlement - House2,646.78
Line Fork Settlement - Health House497.55
Med[ical] Set[tlement] -Doctor's House & Equip[ment]6,467.70
Med[ical] Set[tlement] - Big Laurel House (unfinished)391.60