Pine Mountain Settlement School
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Malcolm Arny Correspondence: May 24, 1940 – May 29, 1945

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[015, *016, 017, 018] May 24, 1940
Malcolm Arny in Montclair, NJ, to Glyn Morris: *Cover letter: “Mrs. McCormack of the New York School of Social Work suggested that I apply to PMSS for a position…”; interested in working with “mountain people.”; encloses completed application form and outline of personal history.

[026] May 30, 1940
Morris via Western Union to Prof. Aurthur L. Swift, Jr. at Union Theologial Seminary, NYC: Questions about Arny’s character.

[013] May 31, 1940
Arthur L. Swift Jr. in NYC via Western Union to Morris: Impressed with Arny.

[014] May 31, 1940
Arthur L. Swift Jr. at Union Theological Seminary in NYC to Morris: His impressions of Arny after a meeting with him.

[001] June 4, 1940
Arny via Western Union to Morris: arrival information.
2 memos [n.d.] – Christmas vacation and 1941-42 contract for teacher and student counselor.

[019] June 10, 1940
Morris to Dr. Charles Waldron, Secy, Union College; sends PMSS literature and a character form to underline and return.

[011, 012] June 12, 1940
Arny in Upper Montclair, N,J to Morris: Thanks Morris for hospitality during visit; roomed with Mr. Spelman who explained the School’s operations; writes positively about the School; is interested in the position.

[020, 021, *022] June 13, 1940
Waldron to Morris: Sends completed 2-page character form and *letter of recommendation (on reverse side of form).

[*023, 024, 025] June 17, 1940
Borough Executive at the Boy Scout Foundation of Greater New York to Morris: Sends completed character form and *letter of recommendation.

[010] June 18, 1940
[unsigned, possibly Morris] to Arny: Waiting for references; invites Arny to Pine Mountain as counselor; terms of employment.

[027, 028, *029] June 24, 1940
Walter W. Pettit at New York School of Social Work, NYC, to Morris: Sends completed character form and *letter of recommendation.

[004] Sept 6, [possibly 1940]
From J.G., “The Office,” relaying a message from Morris to Arny: Mr. and Mrs. Clark of Harlan were impressed by Irene’s work this summer.

[006] Feb 6, 1941
[unsigned] “Memorandum From the Director’s Desk” to Arny: Please take over the assignment of work for boys. Miss Ward is taking over same for girls.

[005] Feb 11, 1941
J.G., “Memorandum From the Director’s Desk” relaying a message from Morris to Arny: See that someone looks after Miss Merrill’s furnace between night watchman’s and Joe Wilson’s shifts.

[007] Mar 18, 1941
[unsigned] “The Office” relaying a message from Morris to Arny: Answer attached “letter from Ky. Unemployment Compensation service dated 3/7/41.”

[030] [n.d., probably Dec 1941]
Arny to PMSS: Christmas greeting card and note.

[002] May 29, 1945
H.R.S. Benjamin to Lt. and Mrs. Malcolm Arny in Holladay, Utah: Thanking them for cash gift.

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See also: MALCOLM ARNY Biography