“In Old Kentucky: Stories of the Mountains …”

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 27: Scrapbooks, Albums, Gathered Notes


“In Old Kentucky: Stories of the Mountains and Anecdotes of the State,” Lexington Herald,  June 6, 1920     [1920]

Governor Edwin P. Morrow describes mountains where he was born ; “native vein of religion” ; “primitive virtues” ; “pride in his elementals” ; “ignorant of letters and the softening of civilization” ; mountaineer is honest ; Lihu Bruce ; Laurel Fork of the Cumberland ; Molly Bruce ; foodways ; mountain hospitality ; Jellico Mountain ; Amos Skidmore ; personal debt ; grand juries ; Piney Grove church maples ; Stephen Decatur ; patriotism ; Breathitt County ; McCreary County lead nation in per capita subscription ot Liberty bonds ; Poncho Villa ; letter from Silas Sullivan living in Denmark, Kentucky ; moonshine stills in Kentucky mountains ; infringement on liberties ; still house is the mountaineer’s club ; Hump Davids banjo player ; Bill Sisemore [Sizemore] and fox hounds ;  “take no ‘underholds’ in your dealings ..” with mountain men ; feud stories ; Lige Parsons ;  Possom Trot, Kentucky ;