LOCAL SCRAPBOOK Pioneer Life at Callaway, Ky. 1922

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 27: Scrapbooks, Albums, Gathered Notes

Corn pone was the staff of life, and the highest compliment that could be paid to the honesty of anyone was to say, “Why, he can borrow meal from any family living in the mountains.” Meal at that time was precious, and never loaned unless there was a strong probability of its return.”


“Pioneer Life at Callaway”  1922  Three States Newspaper [Page 20]

Callaway, Kentucky, Bell County,  pioneers, pioneer life, Civil War, whiskey, moonshine, religion, Jim Callaway, Union army,  Confederate army, preachers, preaching, Bible, Paul Parsons, Juda Parsons, Cumberland Gap, Rebels, caves, Yankees,  gun powder, raiders, foodways, corn pone, corn meal, Indian trails, sheep, yarn, wool, buckskin, linsey-woolsey, self-sustaining families

"Pioneer Life at Callaway, Ky."

“Pioneer Life at Callaway, Ky.”