GRACE FENG LIU Correspondence

GRACE FENG LIU Correspondence

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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Grace Feng Liu
Nurse, Summers 1943 & 1945

GRACE FENG LIU Correspondence

Grace Rood Album. Mrs. Grace Feng Liu, nurse., c. 1940s. [rood_029]

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GRACE FENG LIU Correspondence 1943

Infirmary Nurse, Summers 1943 & 1944


01 March 9, 1943. To William D. Webb and Grace Rood from Francis F. Tucker, MD, on letterhead for “Pine Mountain Settlement School, Inc…. Acting Director, William D. Webb; Director, Lt. Glyn A. Morris, Chaplain, U.S. Army, The Hospital, F.F. Tucker, MD, Emma B. Tucker, MD, Grace M. Rood, RN….” The possibility of Miss Grace Feng serving as substitute nurse in the Infirmary for August  was informally mentioned to Miss Feng and Miss Dieter (Superintendent of Nurses for the Massachusetts Hospitals, Boston, where Miss Feng works). Miss Feng agreed to the possible arrangement. The Tuckers will be at PMSS at least until the end of August. He quotes Miss Dieter’s statement about Feng: “She is working hard and faithfully, and we have appreciated her help very greatly.” He describes Feng’s past training and experiences in Nursing:

[S]he finished her training ten years ago, in China, and had nursing experience in six of the well-operated mission hospitals there. She also did observational work for a year in 3 of the best Boston hospitals before taking the present paid position.

He concludes that, if both Rood and Webb agree to accept Miss Feng, then “likely Miss Rood will take up the item with Mr. Webb.”

02 May 29, 1943. Carbon copy of a letter to Miss Feng (℅ Miss Dieter), Massachusetts Memorial Hospital, Boston, from (unsigned), expressing hope Feng would accept the August position of substituting for Miss Rood, the school nurse, during her vacation. The writer describes the hospital: Ten beds, mostly community patients, few patients in the summer, mostly maternity cases, help from three students and another trained nurse. Salary would be $60 and maintenance plus traveling expenses.

03 June, 1943. To William D. Webb from Grace Feng, Boston, Thanking him for his letter. She will arrive in July and stay with Dr. and Mrs. Tucker until Miss Rood leaves for vacation. She agrees to the terms of payment, writing “anyway, financial matters are not important.” (Attached is an unsigned typewritten list, including “Six of our staff have lived in China; Application form as matter of form; literature….”)

04 August 17, 1943. To Webb from Miss Feng on PMSS letterhead, providing information about her round trip from “Poughkeepsie to Harlan and return to Boston….$43.68.” (Handwritten notation: “Mart(?)’s salary of $60 will take care of this. 8-18. WW”)


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