ALUMNI RELATIONS 1938 PMSS Alumni Association Constitution

Pine Mountain Settlement School
PMSS Alumni Association

ALUMNI RELATIONS PMSS Alumni Association Constitution 1938

PMSS Alumni Association Constitution, as revised in 1938. [alumni_boarding_002.jpg]

ALUMNI RELATIONS 1938 PMSS Alumni Association Constitution  

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On November 12, 1938, a meeting of the Alumni convened and the loosely organized body voted to name and establish an alumni association to be called the “Pine Mountain Settlement School Alumni Association.” The new Chairman of the Association at that time was Oscar Peace. He announced to the gathered students a Constitutional Committee recommendation, that of a newly revised constitution. It was read and accepted by the vote of those present.


The revised Constitution read:

The name of this organization shall be the Pine Mountain Settlement School Alumni Association.


1. Any student who has attended the Mountain school for one year, or more, and has carried away an honorable discharge can become a member of the association.

2. To become a member each member shall pay the sum of twenty-five cents to the Secretary-Treasurer on or before July the first of each year.

This association shall be headed by two officers, a President and Secretary-Treasurer. These officers shall be elected yearly, by the members of the association.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall have charge of all secretarial work and shall see to the printing of an Alumni Bulletin, comprising the necessary and interesting information of the organization, and concerning the work of the school.

The Bulletin shall be printed and issued quarterly and shall give the date and time of the annual meeting.

Amendments may be added to the constitution by the members of the association as they see fit.

Amendments may be proposed and voted upon by the members at their annual meeting. A majority vote of the members present shall rule all amendments.

A majority vote shall constitute a quorum for conducting any business of the association.

It shall be the duties of the Chairman, or President, to preside at all meetings and to call any special meetings.

PMSS Alumni Association. “Minutes of the Meeting of the Alumni,” November 19, 1938.

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