de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series III – Folder 15. Letters, 1928.

Folder 15.  Letters, 1928.   46 items. 

Sunday.  February 12, 1928.  [To Ethel]  “Precious daughter EThel—Here’s just a brief which contains a most hearty ‘Thank You’ for the two dear letters…”

February 21, 1928.  [To Helen]  “Text for the day”

[February 21, 1928]  [To Helen]  “’She’s all laughter, my Goddess…’”

February 22/28. [To Ethel] “My precious daughter Ethel—I am glad to know that your cough has decided to abandon you…”

Sunday March 11, 1928.  [To Ethel]  Luigi’s birthday anniversary!!! and O my beloved child,Ethel, how I hope to hear that he has had a most happy one because you have shown great signs of improvement…”

March 14, 1928. [To Ethel]  Helen will read this won’t you, darling?  My beloved dearest child Ethel, You see, since I could not come to you, I have had the happy privilege of sending my beloved child, Helen…”

[March 14, 1928]  [To Helen]  “’Then cried they unto the Lord in their trouble, and He heard them and delivered them from all their fear.’”

Thursday [March 15, 1928]  [To Helen]  Evelyn’s letter came for you this morning—I know the very latest word and O my precious One, I know that only the great physician is able to heal…”

Friday, March 16, 1928.   [To Helen]  “As I rested this afternoon I heard a man whistling…”

Saturday four o’clock.  [March 17, 1928] [To Helen]  My precious child—Your telegarn, from Harlan, got here about one o’clock.  I have been traveling with you ever since.”

Monday night.  “My precious ones—Here I am in bed, but not really ill, the good doctor says that I must rest a few days in order to be able to do the work that I want to do later.”

“My darling little grandson, Berto—Nonna is thinking of you so often that it almost seems as if you were coming right in to see me.”

Tuesday five o’clock.   [To Helen]  “Darling—The day is falling, soon the night will be here.  The day, that will never fade from our memories has passed…”

Wednesday evening.   [To Helen]  “My precious love—Your letter came this morning and we have read it over and over.”

March 22, 1928.   [To Helen] “Dearest Helen, I am sure that you and dear Luigi will like to see the beautiful, loving testimonies that are coming to me constantly…”

Saturday evening.  [To Helen]  Beloved—How can I tell you the comfort your letter brought me, when it came this morning, with the order of the service…”

“Helen, my precious love, my sweetheart child, how I want to hold you close…”

Monday.  [To Helen]  “Precious One, Your dear letter, of Friday, came this noon…”

Wednesday, before dinner.   [To Helen] “My dearest love—I am hoping that you had a nice long, and restful sleep on Sunday night…”

Thursday.  [To Helen]  “Darling mine—Your precious Monday letter, with Luigi’s love on the outside of the envelope came just a while ago…”

“Friday (later)  Darling, How I want to comfort you all.”

“Beloved. Thank you for your precious Friday letter, with enclosures.”

“Friday afternoon.  My beloved—The day is dark and the rain is falling I read that the same sort of weather is prevailing in Kentucky…”

Tuesday the 3d April 1928.  “Precious One—Kay has just left us she spent just about an hour with me…”

4 o’clock. Wednesday afternoon  [To Helen] “And so glad Sweetheart, for your little note, which was written at 10 30 o’clock Sunday night”

April 5 [1928] “A summer day, but now, as evening come on apace, the coolness is refreshing.”

April 6, 1928  “Precious One—Here we are, Aunt Ida and I in Dick’s room.”

April 7, 1928 “You dear week-end letter came this noon and as always it gave me joy to see your hand-writing.”

April 9, 1928. “At 87 Montgomery Street, Bloomfield N.J. Morning, Darling:  Suzanne, Lucy, Harriet and Catherine have just waved “Goodbye.”

Tuesday April 10, 1928 “Darling—Here it is fiveo’clock of an April day, rather cold but sunny.”

Thursday April 12/28  “While Aunt Ida is preparing the luncheon I’ll writre a little letter to my most precious Treasure!”

Friday, April 13, 1928 “Precious One—I have you in my heart and always I am praying for you my belovedest daughter Helen…”

Sunday April 15/28  “My most precious Love, All the day long you, and precious Etehl have been with me, and so often I have thought I must tell them , of this, of that…”

April 16, 1928 “My belovedest—Kay and I are—I was going to say, writing, but we talked for many minutes, and now she is at the telephone…”

“Last edition—Darling—Just before we left 136 on Sat. your letter with check came”

April 17, 1928 “Darling love—How I wish you were all here with Kay and me…”

April 25, 1928  “Dearest dear—All love, allove to you and the dear Ones.”

August 13, 1928  “Monday, Three o’clock. Dearest—My own beloved sweetheart The day is fair as a summer dream”

Monday, August 14/28  “Belovedest—It is a little past noon—The household consist of Aunt Ida, who has been insisting on doing too much…”

August 15/28  “Belovesdest—Always on my heart always my most precious Treasure.”

August 17, 1928  “Friday (noon) I come to you, my best and dreast, with many wishes for your happiness…”

August 19th 1928 “Sunday (afternoon) Three o’clock At my desk. Daisy in the kitchen. Luigi in his room. Elena in hers.”

August 29, 1928 “A glorious day, Beloved, and we are having that you are having one like it.”

August 21, 1928 “One fifteen o’clock—at my desk expecting to hear the ‘Tinkle-bell” any minute.”

August 22/28 “Wednesday Darling mine—I’ve just a few minutes, before supper…”

August 24, 1928  “Friday (noon) Darling, most belovedest—I’ll not try to write you just now…”