de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series III – Folder 14. Letters, 1927.

Folder 14.  Letters, 1927.  6 items. 

Washington,April 20/27.  “’There is hushed on earth  A voice of gladness…”  [slip of paper with a poem on one side and a list on the other]

September 16, 1927.  [To Ethel]  “Here I am sitting in Mrs. Newcomb’s guest-room.”

Monday the 17th October 1927.  [To Ethel]  “We are having a rainstorm, and I am hoping that you are revelling [sic] in one too!”

October 20, 1927. [To Ethel]  “And I am wishing you, my beloved daughter, very many happy returns of this birthday anniversary…”

December 6th 1927.  [To Ethel] “Many, many thanks, dear child: for your small note, with enclosures…”

Tuesday, December 13/27.  [To Ethel]  “My precious daughter Ethel—It is a glorious day, and I am hoping that you-all are having just such a treat.”