de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series III – Folder 10. Letters, July-October 1920.

Folder 10.  Letters, July-October 1920. 18 items.

July 21, 1920. “My most precious love, dearest daughter Helen; Of course as I write you are with the friends in Norwich Town and yet when you read you’ll be with the dear friends in Lincoln.”

[July 22, 1920] Thursday night.  “I am in my room, Ethel and Luigi in the living-room, I have just finished a letter to dear aunt Ida…”

[July 25, 1920]  “Sweetheart; Its ten thirty, Sunday night and I am rather tired so I’ll not try to reply…”

July 27, 1920. Tuesday.  “My precious love, Since going to Beth’s was such a strain on your ‘lumb’ I am wondering if you went to Lincoln on Friday…”

July 27 [1920]  Tuesday.  “Your coat not reached Pine Mt—I’ll send it as soon as it comes”

July 30, 1920.  “Yes, darlint you did leave your paints right here, and I’ll forward them to your Pigeon Cover address”

August 8, 1920.  “Sweetheart, belovedest daughter Helen Your little note, written from Dennison House, on Wednesday last was gratefully received on Friday last.”

August 11, 1920.  Wednesday.  “This is from baby Berto, it was written on the floor in my room…”

[August 11, 1920]  “Darling, my darling Child; I am hoping that you are fast asleep this August night—Wednesday the eleventh—and that you have had a happy, restful day.”

August 16, 1920.  Monday.  “Time 9.30 o’clock night—scene, the living-room in the Zande House…”

Friday night. “Yes, actually you’ve just about taken my breath away!! my belovedest child Helen”

August 22, 1920.  Sunday evening.  “Ethel in the kitchen, scraping potatoes and reading…”

August 24, 1920.  Tuesday.  “Sweetheart; While waiting for supper I’ll spend the few minutes with you.”

August 25, 1920.  Wednesday.  ‘Sweetheart, mine own belovedest, If i wanted to write many pages to-night I am sure that I could not…”

“10.30 o’clock—Darling: Howdy & I am hoping that you fast asleep [sic]”  [placed here because paper similar to August 25 letter]

“This happened early Tues. afternoon.  by some man—evidently she had stopped to eat a lunch on the top of the mountain…” [beginning is missing]

October 25, 1920.  Monday. [postmarked Montclair, N.J. Oct 25 7 P.M. 1920.  addressed to Miss H.B. de  Long, 150 West Main Street, New Britain, Connecticut.  From Mrs. de Long c/o Miss Bray 157 Montgomery Street Bloomfield, N.J.]

October 28 [1920]  “Darling; It was three o’clock when I wrote the above…”