de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series III – Folder 8. Letters, October-November 1919.

Folder 8.  Letters, October-November 1919.  40 items.

October 1, 1919.  [a piece of purple fabric is clipped to this letter]  “My darling: How glad I am for the little note of assurance which came to-night…”

October 2, 1919.  Thursday.  “My very precious Child: No letter to-night, I do hope that you are just resting…”

October 3, 1919.  Friday.  “9.20 o’clock. Ethel gone to bed, Luigi typewriting, type bro’t down stairs to-night, Berto sleeping sweetly.”

[October 5, 1919]  Sunday 11 o’clock p.m.  “My beloved Child: You know how it is here on Sunday…”

October 6, 1919.  “My very darling:  I Thank you for the dear little note I received to-night.”

October 7, 1919.  “My very precious Child:  Dearest daughter Helen—I am hoping to-night that you are comfortable…”

[October 8, 1919]  “Wednesday, Eight o’clock (evening) My very darling Child:  I am wondering if no letter are coming to-night.”

[October 9, 1919]  “Eleven o’clock Thursday night  Ethel and Luigi and Berto awake in their room…”

[October 10, 1919]  “Friday night—11.30 o’clock.  My precious Love: I know that I must not try to tell you all that happened to-day for it would take too long a time.”

[October 11, 1919]  “I rose early to go to breakfast with Miss Pettit and her guests at Big Log.”

[October 12, 1919]  “Sunday—12—1919 Five thirty o’clock. Ethel and baby upstairs, Luigi and Kitty in the kitchen Evelyn at the round table writing to Angela…”

October 14, 1919.  “My very precious daughter Helen—In parenthesis I will tell you, (why we did not send receive your letters earlier…”

“11 o’clock, Friday Oct 17th  Too sleepy to write…”

[Beginning seems to be missing]  “Indeed we ‘do like to know’!!!  Who are the Eastons?”

October 19 [1919]  Sunday.  11.30 o’clock.  “Ethel went to bed 8.30, Luigi a few minutes after, leaving Leon and me, without, in Ethel’s case even a good night…”

October 20, 1919.  Monday.  “My very belovedest daughter Helen:  It is good to hear from you again…”

[October 22, 1919]  “Eleven forty five Wensday [sic] night—My own dearest child Helen: I am hoping that you have been fast asleep for at least two hours…”

[October 24, 1919] “Darling: It is ten o’clock, Friday night I am sitting here in the living-room just sleepy, but not wanting to go to bed.”

October 26 [1919]  Sunday.  “well my beloved: I am wishing that I had had an opportunity to write you earlier in the day…”

October 27, 1919.  Monday night.  “Precious Child, my lovedest daughter Helen: Just think your Saturday and Sunday letter got here to-night and I am so happy to have them…”

October 28, 1919.  “My precious Child:  another day gone and I am wondering if you are well…”

October 29, 1919.  “My very dearest: The mushrooms came, and are now reposing on a chair on the porch.”

“My very best beloved Child:  It was indeed a delightful surprise…”  [This letter is missing at least one page; it almost seems to have been two letters sharing at least one common sheet. There are scraps of white fabric included with it.]

November 2, 1919.  “Eleven o’clock, Sunday night, my belovedest daughter Helen: Ethel said this morning ‘O if we could only have Helen here’”

November 3, 1919.  “My very darling Child:  My, but it will be good, gooder, goodest to see you…”

November 6, 1919.  “My very darling Child:  Six weeks from to-morrow? Oh—oh—won’t that be beautiful!!”

November 7, 1919.  “Ten thirty five o’clock. Darling: my darling, six weeks, my but it seems as if I couldn’t possibly wait.”

November 9, 1919.  “Sunday morning ten o’clock Baby asleep on my bed…”

November 10, 1919.  “My very darling little Captain: Preciousest Helen, first let me tell you how distressed I have been…”

November 13, 1919.  “My own beloved Child:  You would certainly be surprised…”

November 13, 1919.  “Why, pretty quick, I’ll be writing November 18th and I’ll be thinking, only one more month…”

November 14, 1919.  8.45  “My bestest darling Helen: I think your letter that came to-night is beautiful…”

November 15, 1919.  “My very longed for, precious Darling: The five weeks seem five years…”

November 17, 1919.  “How lovely lovely that the day was fine and you could go on that wonderful trip…”

“My own darling Child Helen—It is not seven o’clock and we are all thru’ supper and Kitty is washing the dishes…”

Sunday night.  “My most precious Helen:  Your jubilant letter that came last night is very precious…”

Thursday.  “Darling, My Baby: And my brave little Captain too, I do hope that you are not too anxious…”

“For My Sweetheart Friday four thirty o’clock my beloved, and I have not had a chance to read those beautiful letters over yet…”

“My beloved, preciousest child: It’s late and Ethel has just gone to bed, trying to exact a promise from me not to write to you to-night, but you see, I just must…”

November 25, 1919.  “And Thursday will be Thanksgiving Day my belovedest Helen child:  Why you are a wonder!!!”