de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series III – Folder 4. Letters, 1913-16.

Folder 4.  Letters, 1913-16.  12 items. 

[1913 despite date] January 2nd 1912.  “72 Fullerton Avenue Montclair N.J.  My Darling—Just another wish for a happy New Year…”

January 13th 1914.  “My darling, daughter Helen: It is twilight on this bitterly cold day, and the house is very quiet Aunt Ida and the nurse are with Aunt Em.”

[1914] “Friday afternoon, nearly four o’clock. My precious daughter Helen: Of course you understand that it is not possible for me to write you a letter but I must say a few words.”

[Postmarked South Dennis, Massachusetts Sep 15 3 PM] [1915] [from Mrs. de Long South Dennis, Mass. to Miss H.B. de Long c/o Miss Browning Norwich, Conn. R.F.D. No. 7]  Wednesday 3.15.  “How do you do? Miss Norwich School marm!!”

[1916?] “154 Montgomery St.  Sunday, Two thirty o’clock  My Sweetheart daughter, Helen; Darling; I’ve just a few minutes left in which to write you…”

[September 5, 1916] “Tuesday, the fifth of September My Darling; You just can’t imagine how long the intervale [sic] between Thursday and Tuesday seemed…”

September 13, 1916.  Wednesday.  “My precious Child Helen; I am thinking of you this morning as traveling thru’ a very pretty country…”

[September 15, 1916?] “Friday noon—Here, caught in a very big downpour of rain, I am thinking that I may have to stay in Springfield…”  [on stationery of Meekins, Packard & Wheat, Inc. Springfield, Massachusetts]

[September 18, 1916] Monday morning ten o’clock.  Mrs. Cahill is busy with her Monday morning work…” [round robin letter to Helen and Ethel]

September 19, 1916. Tuesday morning.  “Darling child Helen; This is a glorious morning…”

[September 20, 1916?] “Wednesday morning Darling Child; You see, I abide by your decision!  I am rather troubled about the whole thing and would very much have preferred to wait until a month hence to move into the house.”

[September 20, 1916] “Wednesday six p.m. Sweetheart; The goods are loaded and ready to start off at daybreak to-morrow.”