de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series III – Folder 2. Letters 1911.

Folder 2.  Letters 1911.  26 items. 

“The Lord bless thee and keep thee; The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee and give thee peace…. Dear daughter Helen—Your two very very precious letters received this morning in the same mail…”

“Saturday noon Dearest Child:—I trust that you have seen Dr. Kirchbaum ere this…”

May 16, 1911.  “Tell you the truth/Well now that is a pretty matter.  Don’t I always tell you the truth you little Sweetheart?”

“’Only babes whimper And sick men wail….’ Here’s to my little ‘Saint Courageous’”

“Hyde Park Wednesday morning Dearest Sweetheart daughter Helen:—Greetings this lovely morning…”

Jun 1, 1911.  “On the platform of the car station at Forest Hill…”

“It is eleven o’clock, my Dearest but tomorrow I shall be too busy to write so here goes.”

June 4, 1911.  “My darling Child:—I had this telegram, already to send you this afternoon…”

“Tuesday night My darling daughter:—So many things to tell you, so much to say and only a limited time.”

“Just a few words, my precious daughter Helen:—This bright beautiful first day of November…” [letter contains dried flowers]

“114 Montgomery Street Bloomfield, New Jersey My very darling child Helen:—I wonder if you are writing to ‘Mother’ this beautiful Sunday afternoon.”

“The Snuggery 114 Montgomery Steet My very well beloved daughter:—Or shall I say daughters?  Is Ethel back from her Pine Mountain trip?”

“My Loved Children, Howdy! ‘How be you’ I wrote Mr. Taplin, just finished the letter…”

November 27, 1911.  “In Mrs. Todd’s dining room, sits Arabella because it is colder in her room, and then too, there is a table here—where Arabella can place her letters, and writing materials…”

[November 29, 1911] “Wednesday—Four o’clock—The day before Thanksgiving day…”

December 6, 1911.  “Just think you loveley Child:—How rich I am.”

December 11, 1911.  “Beloved daughters:—I salute you! May it be well with you…”

December 17, 1911.  “It is exasperating, yes, I mean it, this lamp.”

[December] “Tuesday 19th 1911 My own beloved daughters:—What treasures you are to me…”

Postmarked Hubbardston, Massachusetts  [illeg 19 illeg 1911] “’Hark the herald Angels sing…”

Handpainted Christmas card.  “For Helen from Papa.”

“Merry Christmas—My own darling Children:—My very loved daughters How can I, in a moment, or in many moments, tell you how happy I am always, to remember you.”

[December 26, 1911] “Yes, my Sweethearts:—I will certainly send you that Narrative…”

December 27, 1911.  “Hubbardston.  My dearest Helen:—I am sending you so much love…”

December 29, 1911.  “Love daughters:—I feel as if it were a long time since I wrote you…”

Fragment.  “since the fall_I have them in a jar…”