de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series III – Folder 1. Arabella Bray de Long Correspondence, 1871-1905.

 Folder 1.  Arabella Bray de Long Correspondence, 1871-1905. 23 items. 

Scrap.  Arabella M. Bray Richwoods Sept. 13, 1871

April 7, 1872.  Ida to Belle [Arabella]

October 12, 1875.  Peoria.  Margarette to Belle [Arabella]

December 1, 1875.  Peoria.  Maggie to Belle Bray [Arabella]

February 5, 1877. M. Douglass to Bell

March 24, 1876.  Jackson, Michigan.  “Your Loving Friend” to Belle

January 16, 1877,  Maggie C. Dean to Belle

June 10, 1877.  Emma to Bell

June 20, 1877.  Maggie C. Dean to [Arabella Bray]

October 21, 1877.  Maggie to Belle

March 17 [18]78.  “M.D.” to Bell

November 17, 1884. M. Douglas to Bell

George de Long to Arabella de Long. December 30, 1881.  “Fishkill on Hudson My Dear Wife Your letter of yesterday reached me this evening and I was much surprised as well as pleased to receive a letter from you so soon.”

Sales slip from B. Altman & Co., January 26, 1887.  “Miss G De Long”

Helen’s Composition, November 16, 1893.

(The remainder of the letters in this folder are from Arabella de Long.)

To her mother. Undated.  “Good morning! My Motherdie What a blessed promise our heavenly Father has given me, to send to you and I send it freighted with tenderest grateful love to you.”

“Thursday My loved Ones.  What a fearful storm has been raging for the last twenty-four hours, and how much damage must have been done…”

To Helen.  Undated.  “My own precious darling Sweetheart; Loved and beloved child:—Of course you know as well as I, that words just cannot be articulated…”

January 25, 1905.  “Presto, Change—Yesterday a beautiful morning, rather a disagreeable afternoon, a fearful night of wind, growing more and more fierce and withal bitter cold…”

[1905] “Enthoffer Inn Thursday (afternoon) Dear Ones:—I dare not try to write more than a scrap.”

[1905] “Sunday (afternoon) Dearest child Ethel:—Helen is lying quietly in bed yesterday and to day…”

To Helen de Long.  Postmarked New York, New York June 3, 1905.  “My dearest Ones:—Greetings! How are you all, and what are you doing just now I wonder…”

Arabella de Long to Ethel de Long.  August 8, 1905.  “Highbury England—Truly dearest Ethel, beloved child:—my precious treasure:—The heart of the mountains of Massachusetts return the salutation of the dear “mountains of Kentucky” and had it been possible for me to make reply to your letter…”