de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS. Series II – Folder 8. Letters to her family, November-December 1912.

Folder 8.  Letters to her family, November-December  1912.  14 items. 

[November 25, 1912]. “Monday evening  Comfortably ensconced in bed.  Most darling and precious of mothers, how I do love you…”

[November 26, 1912].  Tuesday afternoon. “Mother most precious:—Mrs. Adams wants to know if you can’t come up here to have Thanksgiving dinner with me?”

[November 27, 1912].  Wednesday afternoon.  “Most precious motherdie:—How very, very much I have been thinking of you all through this day, the anniversary of your marriage!”

[November 29, 1912]” Friday afternoon—Darling mother:—Your precious fat letter came this morning…”

December 1, 1912.  “Mother darling:—Everybody is sitting around in the various rooms reading or talking…”

Thursday night.  “Thank you so much for the stamped envelope…”

Sunday afternoon.  “Mother my darling:—This is a very gray, cold afternoon…”

Thursday morning.  “Mother mine:—While Mary is having her breakfast I am snatching a few minutes to write to you.”

December 15, 1912.  “Mother most dear:—This is the most perfect Sunday morning…”

Monday night.  “My darling, precious mother:—How can I help feeling worried…”

December 17, 1912. Pompton, New Jersey. “Mother darling:—My! what a relief it was…”

December 19, 1912.  Pompton, New Jersey.  “Mother most dear:—Having wrapped up or put into envelopes all the things that I have to go to Hindman…”

Thursday afternoon. “Mother most precious:—How I did hate to leave you yesterday…”

December 28, 1912.  Pompton, New Jersey.  Saturday.  “My own dearest love:—Your precious little letter came this morning…”

December 31, 1912.  Pompton, New Jersey.  “To the dearest little mother in the world, heart’s love…”