de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series II – Folder 22. Marjorie Browning Leavens, Letters to Helen de Long, 1911-1928.

Folder 22.  Marjorie Browning Leavens, Letters to Helen de Long, 1911-1928. 17 items.

Marjorie B. Leavens (1888-1977) was a friend of Helen’s whose husband Dickson was a faculty member of the Yale Mission College in China (a collection of their papers is located at Yale).

June 8, 1911.  29 Lincoln Avenue. Norwich, Conn.  “You darling, Just a line before I go to bed..”

Postmarked Norwich, Connecticut, July 25, 1915. “Helen dearest, Just one line from the depths of packing.”

Postmarked [illeg] Japan, [illeg].9.15.  “Helen precious, I must have a talk with you or I shall burst.”

Postmarked Changsha [China] 8 Oct 15.  “Helen dear, You know how much your letter meant to me.”

Postmarked Changsha [illeg] Mar 16.  Postmarked Shanghai [illeg] Mar 16. ”Changsha, China.  Helen dearest, How the time does fly!”

Postmarked Changsha [remainder illeg.].  April 16, 1916.  “Helen precious, Did I ever really answer your letter of Febr. 27 or of Jan. 30?”

Postmarked in China but illeg.  Postmarked Norwich, Connecticut, July 7, 1916.  “Changsha, China. You precious Helen: What a joy your letters are you cannot begin to comprehend.”

July 30, 1916.  “Kuling, but address Changsha, Hunan, China.  Helen dear, It has been ages since I wrote, hasn’t it?”

Postmarked Kuling [rest illeg.].  Postmarked Shanghai 31 Aug.  “107a Kuling. Helen dearest, Was it ages ago that I wrote? I have no record of any letter sent since June from you, but find I did write July 31.”

January 16, 1917.  “Changsha, Hunan, China, Helen, you precious, Your lovely letter of Nov. 26 with all its expression of your dear self and the adorable pendant came on Saturday.”

April 19, 1917. “Changsha, China. Helen precious, Just a little chat before I go to bed.”

September 27, 1917.  “Helen dear, One crazy letter started at 6 A.M. one bright morning at Kuling, when I just had to see you, I threw into the waste-basket.”

The remaining three letters were in an envelope postmarked Kikungshan; also postmarked Asheville (Asheville School Rur. Sta.), North Carolina, August 30, 1920:

July 10, 1920.  “330 Kikungshan, Honan, China. Dear Helen, Your ears must be nearly burnt off…”

July 15, 1920. “330 Kikungshan, Honan, China. Helen dear, My thoughts are with you much more than many few letters would indicate.”

July 16, 1920.  Betty [last name not clear] to Helen. “Kikungshan, Hoan.  Dear Helen—Marjorie and I are having such fun talking over all the gossip of our college friends  and getting caught up on news…”

January 15 [no year]  “Helen my own dear child—Your lovely Christmas message…” From “Mother B” [Marjorie’s mother]

Amy 3, 1928.  “Helen dearest, How my heart is going out to you these days…”