de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series II – Folder 20. Letters to Arabella de Long. 1928.

Folder 20.  Letters to Arabella de Long.  1928.  14 items. 

Sunday, March 18, 1928 “Dearest love, It is hard to write you when there is so very much I would say, yet the time is rather short because someone is going across the mountain soon.”

March 21, 1928 “Mother, most dear, These days have been so full that I have had to trust to telegrams to keep you in touch with us here.”

“Friday Darling mine, It has been unspeakably precious to Luigi and me to receive your beautiful letters of Monday and Tuesday…”

“Friday night  And Evelyn and I have been talking for a long time in real peace and leisure—a great treat.”

[Arabella has written April 6/28 across the top of the letter.]  “Good Friday night And how full my mind and heart of been of the beautiful Good Friday communion service at Grace Church.  Do you remember how I said we shouldn’t want to be away until after Easter, because of the services at church?”

[Arabella has written Easter April 8, 1928 across the top.]  “Sunday, 8:30 P.M.  The beautiful Easter Day is over, darling, and how happy our beloved surely is tonight that it has been a day of such rare beauty and loveliness!”  [Enclosure:  order of worship from Pine Mountain Settlement School]

[Arabella has written April 9/28across the top.]  “Monday night This will be a queer letter, darling, because I want to remember to answer some questions.”

April 10 [1928]  “Darling, All the beauty of ten years ago has been crowding in our minds almost overwhelmingly today.”

[Arabella has written April 11/28 across the top.] “Wednesday night Two such beautiful letters came from you tonight, darling love!”

Postmarked Pine Mountain, Kentucky, April 25, 1928 [To Mrs. George de Long 135 North Essex Avenue Orange, New Jersey]  Tuesday, April 24.  “Dearest love, Now that we can look forward to having you with us next week if nothing happens, I have reached the usual pre-visit stage of feeling as if writing were perfect folly when talking is so infinitely nicer.”

[This letter and the following three were in an envelope postmarked Nantucket, Massachusetts, August 25, 1928.] 5 Gay Street, Nantucket August 23  “Mother most dear, This note will probably reach you…”

“Saturday morning It’s nearly time to start for the bathing beach, darling…”

“Sunday morning The thing I am wanting most of all is to have you have a lovely, restful vacation, darling.”

“Monday evening And this is the last letter I shall be writing you before my return, darling…”