de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series II – Folder 14. Letters to her family. 1919.

Folder 14.  Letters to her family.  1919.  21 items.

August 29, 1919.  Friday. 6:30 A.M. on Cumberland Hotel, Middlesborough, Ky. stationery.  “Wow! but I’m sleepy, dearests!! Now aren’t you surprised to have a letter from me on this astonishing paper…”

Thursday morning.  “My very darlingest mother and sister; This is a letter specially for you two…” [on Women’s University Club stationery]

Sat. morning.  Sitting in state in my room waiting for a telephone call about a possible interview…” [on Women’s University Club stationery]

[Fragment]  “6 to wait until [Thursday] or Friday for decision on both sides.”

[September 10, 1919]  Wednesday afternoon. “My dearest dears; Small wonder that mother writes ‘I don’t feel sure where you are,’ for I find keeping track of myself almost impossible.” [on Women’s University Club stationery]

[September 11, 1919]  “Thursday 9:50 On train from Montclair.  My DARLINGS!! ‘Application received…’”[on Women’s University Club stationery]

Saturday afternoon.  “The riches of your child can scarcely be measured, mother mine…”

Tuesday night.  “My belovedest loves; Can you imagine the utter delight I feel to be tucked into bed at eight o’clock…”

Enclosure card.  “For my Arabella from her Helen. (over) Why should it be one of our highest ambitions to write English well? Because this is a Waterman’s non-leakable, self-filling pen! ”

Receipt from The Cranston Company, October 1, 1919, for a Waterman pen.

[October 25, 1919]  Saturday.  “Dearest mother; Do you know what a silly person I am?”

Oct. 26 [1919] Sunday morning  “My very dearest dears; A robin’s song, lilting and sweet, has been the herald of the change in time.”

“Thurs. A.M. In school.  My dearest dears; This isn’t really ‘polite correspondence’ paper…”

[November 2, 1919] Sunday afternoon “Miss Reinecke, who has been out to walk has just brought me a bowl…”

Tuesday afternoon.  “My very dearest dears; Out on the porch where I am sitting the breeze is cool…”

November 6, 1919.  Thursday.  “My precious little Berto; There are two important reasons why this should be especially your letter, even though I am going to ask you to share the general news with the rest of the family.”

[November 8, 1919]  “My very dearest loves; How are you on this gray, cold, real November day?”

Nov. 11 [1919]  “My very dearest family; It seems a very long time since I have heard from you…”

Sunday morning.  “My most beloved family; How I wish you were here this very minute to hear about our trip and to see the pretties that I brought back with me!”

Monday, Nov. 24 [1919]  “Well, my darlingest, the South certainly has its advantages in the shape of utterly soft, balmy days.”

December 10, 1919. Form 37. Irregularity Slip. Instructor H.B. de Long.