de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series II – Folder 7. Letters to Arabella de Long. March-May 1912.

Folder 7.  Letters to Arabella de Long. March-May 1912. 12 items.   

[Written when Helen was at Hindman Settlement School]

Sunday, March 3, 1912 “My dearest mother:—Weren’t we glad to get two mails last night”

Tuesday, March 5, 1912 “My precious dear:—The snow’s a nowing as fast as if it were just beginning the winter instead of nearly at its close.”

Hindman, Kentucky March 8, 1912 “Howdy, my own Arabella:—Isn’t it funny that I carefully put the place of my residence as if you didn’t know it or might think I had moved away!”

March 12, 1912  “My dearest darling mother:—You don’t know how good it was to hear from you again after over a week when it seemed as if we were on an island that mail steamers touched seldom.”

March 15, 1912 [postcard]  “Mother dear:—It is dreadful that I have let three whole days go by…”

Hindman, Kentucky March 17, 1912 “My dearest mother:—Here I am, sitting out on the bridge againm seeing all that there is to see and drinking in the softest, balmiest air.”

Hindman, Kentucky March 20, 1912 “Mother mine own dearest:—How would you like to be sitting outdoors in a thin white waist and white skirt without any wrap…”

April 4, 1912 “How are you, my darling precious motherdie, today?”

Saturday, April 13, 1912 “My darling dear:—What a bad, thoughtless child I have been…”

April 22, 1912 “My darling motherdie:—What do you s’pose?  Miss butler and I are going out by way of Jackson!!”

April 25, 1912 “My dearest mother:—Please tell me quickly if the darling picture on my calendar this morning is you!”

[Postcard postmarked Hindman, Kentucky, May 5, 1912] “Saturday night. Only one more day before we start!”