de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series II – Folder 4. Letters to Arabella de Long. November-December 1911.

Folder 4.  Letters to Arabella de Long. November-December 1911.  14 items.   

[Written when Helen was at Hindman Settlement School] 

“Tuesday My darling dear Isn’t it mean that I haven’t been able to write you a decent letter for so long!”

[Beginning is missing]  “possible.  My! how hard it is to be patient and wait for the old flesh to catach yp to the spirit!”

“Wednesday night Mother darling:—Fountain-pen ink is not to be had in town so unless I sit up straight and write with ordinary pen and ink I am forced to have recourse to pencil.”

Sunday afternoon, Nov. 12, 1911  “Mother most dear: You just don’t know how lovely it is to be over here in Ethel’s room while she is getting things straightened out after her trip…”

December 2, 1911  “My darlingest mother: You can’t imagine what pleased children we were to get your perfectly delightful letter…”

December 5, 1911 “My darling precious mother: How glad I am that the galax leaves were awaiting your arrival in Hubbardston…”

Thursday, December 7, 1911 “My own most precious mother: How are you, my own dearest?”

Hindman, December 13 [1911] “My dearest, darling, precious motherdie: Why, oh! why, are you allowed to have that horrible appendicitis…”

Thursday, Dec. 14, 1911  “My darling precious motherdie Ethel’s room is all spick and span after its afternoon scrubbing…”

Sunday, December 17, 1911  “Dearest-my-own mother:  You should see the huge pile of bundles that cover Ethel’s chest…”

Friday evening. December 22, 1911 “My own sweet, precious mother: My! how Christmasy we look tonight i this house with wreaths of cedar, turned with chains of holly berries and popcorn, and a tiny red Christmas bell in the center of each wreath!”

Christmas afternoon, 1911 “Mother darling, my own most dear:—How can I ever tell you how exquisitely beautiful are the gifts you sent for our Christmas!”

Wednesday morning December 27, 1911  “Good morning, dearest mother: How are you this morning, I wonder?”

Saturday night, Dec. 30, 1911 “My own darling mother:—If only you were here what a cozy time we three could be having tonight in Ethel’s lovely room or mine!”