de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series II – Folder 6. Letters to Arabella de Long. February 1912.

Folder 6.  Letters to Arabella de Long.  February 1912.  9 items.   

[Written when Helen was at Hindman Settlement School]

February 2, 1912 “My sweetest little mother: Wouldn’t it be perfectly lovely if you were down here with me this afternoon…

“Evening. Friday Darling:—Your lovely fat letter of Monday has come…”

Tuesday, February 6, 1912 “My dear little Alabella:—[sic] Since I’ve just been writing a letter to the Primary children here I thought I would follow that letter by another to the dearest little girl I know.”

Friday, February 9, 1912 “My dearest Valentine:—Here is a tiny token of my affection…”

Hindman, Kentucky February 13, 1912 “Good morning, dearest:—It’s almost Valentine’s Day and already I have received a darling Valentine from you…”

Hindman, February 15, 1912 “Good morrow, my lady fair and sweet, pray how are you today?”

February 22, 1912 “As I was saying, my dearest dear, it was a perfectly lovely birthday.”

February 26, 1912 “My dearest dear:—Since Ethel was writing to you yesterday I thought I would wait until today…”

Wednesday night February 28, 1912 “Good-evening my sweetest mother:—It is such a shame that you have been so distressed over me…”