de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series II – Folder 5. Letters to Arabella de Long. January 1912.

Folder 5.  Letters to Arabella de Long. January 1912.  12 items. 

[Written when Helen was at Hindman Settlement School]

Tuesday morning, January 2, 1912  “Good morning, my sweetest mother and how are you this morning?”

January 5, 1912  “My darling, precious mother:—When your letter came this morning—mail didn’t come last night—I felt as if I must fly straight off to Massachusetts and rescue you.”

Hindman, Jan. 7, 1911 [1912]  “Mother, my own most dear:—Yopu are such a sweetheart that I never can begin to think up enough terms of endearment…”

Hindman, Jan 8. 1912  “Did I ever tell you about any of the parties of last week, Mother dearest?”

January 12, 1912 “Mother darling:—It is two or three days since I have written you because I knew Ethel was writing one day, and then there was so little news…”

January 17, 1912  “My darling, precious dear:—It is a long time since I have written to you, isn’t it?”

Hindman, January 21, 1912 “Mother most dear:—It is a beautiful sunny day, rather cold, but gloriously clear…”

Monday, January 22, 1912 “My own blessed little mother:—So full am I of penitence for writing that urging letter the other day that I feel as if I ought to send a telegram to intercept it.”

January 23, 1912 Tuesday evening “Mother most dear:—This isn’t the really truly long letter that I aimed to write you today…”

January 24, 1912 “How are you today, my precious little mother?”

Hindman, Jan. 28, 1912 “My dearest darling mother:—Do you have days when you feel as if you hadn’t done a single thing and wonder how the day has ever gone by?”

Tuesday evening Jan. 30, 1912 “My darling dear:—This is just a little note to carry you our combined best and deepest love…”