de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 72. Hindman Settlement School Publicity Materials.

Folder 72.  Hindman Settlement School Publicity Materials.  7 items.

This folder contains letters and folders from Hindman Settlement School, primarily from 1908-1910. 

A Funeral Meeting.  Unsigned.

July, 1908.  How They Elected the School Teacher on Montgomery Creek. Pauline Sage.

December 1, 1908. “I am a Kentuckian who has lived the last fifteen years in California…” Belle Breck.

Fragment.  Page 3-7.  [1909?]  “Early and muddy as it was, a row of mules…”  [a series of reports on the Christmas trees distributed in 1908]

Dr. J.A. Stucky’s Visit to Hindman.  [4 copies]

[1910]  First Knott County Fair.  Unsigned.

[circa 1913]  Brochure.  Hindman Kindergarten Association.