de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 65. Postcards and Photographs.

Folder 65. 

These are primarily postcards. Unless otherwise indicated, they are blank.

“On the road up Troublesome to Hindman.”  Ethel to George de Long, October 6, 1910.

The Pergola [Hindman Settlement School, identified by Elizabeth Watts]

Bird’s eye view of Big Stone Gap, Va.  Used along with #4 and 5 to report trip.

Powell’s River between Big Stone Gap and Appalachia, Va.

Bee Rock Tunnel, between Appalachia and Big Stone Gap, Va.

Residence of John Fox, Jr. Big Stone Gap, Va.

Bird’s eye view of Hazard, Ky.

Photo.  Sally Dixon Creech churning.

Photo. “Baby Frances”  [Frances Hall]

Two photos of an unidentified woman on a footbridge.

Old Log House.

The Pole House.

Campus view looking east with Laurel House in center.

The playground at Pine Mountain.

The sawmill at Pine Mountain.

Big Log House.

Campus view looking east with Laurel House in center. Same as #13 except with caption–”Kitchen and Dining Hall, Pine Mountain Settlement School, Pine Mountain, Ky.”

Far House.

The Pole House

“Carrying Sick Person to Railway.  18 Mile Trail.  Pine Mountain, Ky.

Same as #17.

Photo. “Just scenery.”

“The Gabe Branch Trail.  Pine Mountain, Ky.”

Same as #23.

“Along Grease Creek.  Pine Mountain, Ky.”

“Supper Party in the Woods in Pine Mountain, Ky.”

“Cliff in Jack’s Gap Pine Mountain, Ky.”

“The Trail across Pine Mountain. Pine Mountain, Ky.”

Photo.  “Ethel’s kiverlet exhibit in the Herran Art Institute, St. Louis.”

“Avalon from the South.  Santa Catalina Island, Calif.”  from Harriet Butler [undated]

“Entrance to Hotel Maryland, Pasadena, Calif.”  from Harriet Butler [goes with #30]

“Bungalows, Hotel Maryland, Pasadena, Calif.”  from Harriet Butler[goes with #30]