de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 64. Notes for Talks.

Folder 64.  Notes for Talks.  5 sets of notes. 

These are notes Ethel used in making various “talks” in chapel services and at funerals.

“He has fared forth to a larger life.”  [Possibly for the funeral of Harry Callahan who died of meningitis on December 16, 1923]   [4pp.]

Our Choice of Paths.  “Did you ever stop to think on how we love a path?” [For a vesper service] [3 pp. on the back of bookkeeping recipts]

“Jesus repetition of the word life.”  [notes for a talk on eternal life][3 numbered pp.]

“Osler.  The lesson lies not in what a man believed but in how he has behaved.” [1 p.]

“Flower of age–heads a bloomin’ for the grave.”  [For the funeral of Sally Dixon Creech, 1925] [one index card]