de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 61. Letters to her family. February-March 1928.

Folder 61.  Letters to her family.  February-March 1928.  17 items.

February 1 [1928]  “Dearest Ladies—well, we’ve had snow & cold too—”

[Postmarked February 2, 1928] “Dearest Helen—Well—I’m awfully sorry you’ve been…”

[Postamarked February 7, 1928] “Dear Helen—yes, my rheumatism pains are ever so much better…”

[February 8, 1928. Arab] “Dears—it’s a shame that you’ve never heard of the safe arrival…”

[Febraury 9, 1928. Arab] “Dears Oh wasn’t it grand that you heard Damrosch…”

[Postmarked February 18, 1928]  “Dearest Helen—Here sit 3 Zandes writing birthday letters…”

[February 21, 1928. Arab] “All I can say is that it’s hogkilling time!”

[February 21, 1928. Arab]  ‘Dearest Arabella—Yes. I can wear Miss Charlotte’s dress…”

[February 24, 1928. Arab]  ‘Dearest Nonna—Elena’s package came tonight…”

[February 28, 1928. Arab] “Now, dearests, this letter is first of all to tell you how…”

[Postmarked February 29, 1928] “Dearest H.  You wdn’t worry about my care…”

[March 2, 1928. Arab]  Dearests—So you’re both going up to N.Y., & N.J.!”

[March 1928]  “Dearest Arabella & Helen—Yes, I know just how you’d love to be here…”

[March 1928] “Dearest Arabella & Helen—Will I get all the things I’d like to say written?”

[Postamrked March 14, 1928]  “Dearest Helen—Is Arab in Jersey? Bless her!”

[March 17, 1928]  [In Helen’s hand]  “Mrs. George de Long… I am making you a Helen a present of Luigi and my children…”

March 17, 1928.  Telegram.  “I am making you and Helen a present of Luigi and my children…”