de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 57. Letters to her family. August-December 1926.

Folder 57.  Letters to her family.  August-December 1926.   31 items.

The 30th [August?] “Dearest Helen—Welcome home!  If we were just rich enough…”

Monday.  “Dearest Helen—Happy and broke!  What an inevitable combination…”

Sunday.  “Dearest Helen—Greetings for the year!  Do tell Mr. Fowler…”

Monday.  “Dearest Ladies—Of course you’ve been in my thoughts many times a day…”

Postmarked [torn–not Pine Mountain] Sep 20 1926 PM Ky.  “Dearest Arab—Just a note of love for your birthday.  If I try to write a letter now I won’t get it off on the dinky…”

[In same envelope as above]  Monday Night.  “And dearest Arabella, can it be true that you’re to be seventy years old?”

Monday P.M.  “Dears—Arab, my love, I’m so glad you’re at home though we miss you…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Oct 1 AM 1926.  Thurs. “I am so glad my Arab is better!”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Oct 5 AM 1926. Monday.  “Dearest Arabella & Helen—Great news that our Arab is better!”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Oct 7 AM 1926.  Wednesday.  “Dearest Two—The pkgs. came yesterday & how we enjoyed them!”

Postmarked Louisville, Ky Oct 16 12 M 1926 Baxter Ave Sta. Friday the 15th.  “Dearest Mother & Helen—The worst is past, that is, the 2nd day…”

Postmarked Louiville Oct 16 3 30 PM 1926 Ky.  Saturday Noon.  “I happened to wake at five this a.m. but my nurse thinks I ought to sleep until 6.30, so I was awfully glad…”

Postmarked Louisville Oct 18 4 30 PM 1926 Ky.  Monday Aft.  “Best love to all—Ethel  Miss Wallace has pronounced an ultimatum—that I can only write one side of a page…”

[In same envelope] [Arabella:  October 13/26; has to be an error]  Tuesday.  “Well, my dears, I am sitting up in a rocking chair, Miss Wallace is out for her 4 hours, which she rarely takes the whole of…”

Postmarked Louisville, Ky Oct 21 4 PM 1926 Baxter Ave Sta.Thursday A.M.  “Dearest Mother & Helen—& Ida—Such a birthday!  Miss Wallace is making me stay in bed this a.m. so I’ll feel no ill effects from it—hence the pencil!”

Postmarked Louisville, Ky Oct 23 12 M 1926 Baxter Ave Sta.  Empty envelope.

Postmarked Louisville Oct 23 6 PM 1926 Ky. Saturday Morning.  “Dearest Ladies—It is the top o’ the morning—I’m bathed, brushed, immaculate…”

Postmarked Louisville Oct 26 11 30 AM 1926 Ky.  Monday nearly 7 p.m.  “And I have had such a busy day—with last dressings  & an xray treatment….”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Oct 28 AM 1926.  Wednesday Night.  “Dears—Can you believe that just 2 weeks ago I was in Louisville barely over my op. & here I am at home…”

Postmarked Lynch & Pineville Tr48 Oct 29 1926 R.P.O.  Harlan.  “Up & dressed after a good sleep.  Wrote you a long letter yesterday & lost it on way to station…”

Monday Evg.  “Dearest Arab and Helen and Ida—I’m just comparing myself a week ago…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Nov 6 AM 1926  Friday Night 8.30.  “Just about to go to bed..”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Nov 9 AM 1926.  “Monday.  “Can you think—dearests—how delightful it is to sit at a desk to write?”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Nov13 AM 1926.  Nov. 12. “Dearest Ladies—Aside from the fact that I get sleepy early…”

Monday.  “Dears—It is now 8.40—& within 20 minutes of my bedtime under the new schedule.”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Nov 20 AM 1926.  Thurs.  “Dearest Folks—With Kay’s help I had the Zeiglers (here for 2 nights & 1 1/2 days) to supper last night…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Nov 30 AM 1926.  Monday P.M. 9:30.  “Deares Loves—I’ve just been giving the sleeping cherub Elena…”

Sunday.  “Dearest Helen—Well—well—lumbago!  a new disease for our family…”

Wed.  “Dearest ARab & Helen—So glad for the good news of Helen’s improvement…”

Monday.  “Lovely news from you—So glad of the holiday plans—so mad that lumbago…”

Friday.  “Dearest Arabella—What a Christmas!  Wasn’t this the best surprise ever?”