de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 56. Letters to her family. January-June 1926.

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 07: Directors

de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 56. Letters to her family. January-June 1926.

TAGS: Ethel de Long Zande, correspondence, valentines, dancing, Atlantic City, mumps, weather, April 1st pranks, tonsillectomies


Folder 56: Letters to her family, January-June 1926. [30 items]

“Happy New Year!  We’ve opened the box, which came in on the dot…”

Monday Evening.  “Yes—dearest Arabella—the bibs did come & each of the babes…”

January 15.  “Dearest Arabella—to think of you gallivanting across Delaware…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain  Jan 20 7 AM  1926.  Tuesday.  “Dearest dears—I have just come in from dancing an awfully good time…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain  Jan 23 [illeg]  1926.  Contains 4 valentines.  [May not have originally been in this envelope due to date.]

Friday Night.  “Dearest Ladies, Wasn’t it great that Atlantic City was such a success…”

Sunday Night.  “Dearest Ladies,—Both of you back from your wanderings…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain  Jan 25 7 AM  1926. Monday.  “Dearest Ladies—Arabella & Helen!  It has just occurred to me that I didn’t write you the middle of last week.”

Feb. 10.  “Dearest Ladies—Arab & Helen—Helen’s birthday is approaching…”

Monday Night.  “Howdy, darlings—& it’s sorry I am that Arab had a back attack of…”

Feb. 17.  “Dearest Helen—You ought to hear Elena begging me over and over…”

Feb. 22.  “Dearests—This day has been devoted to mumps—we’ve between 20 & 30 cases..”

Tuesday.  “Dearest Arabella & Helen—No new mumps cases so far today…”

March 1.  “Dearest Folks—I don’t know which end I am standing on!”

Postmarked Pine Mountain  Mar 10 7 PM  1926. Monday P.M.  “Dear Folks:  Says B. to E. who was playing upstairs: ‘Don’t do that—it’s not sanitary!’”

Postmark torn.  Wilmi… Ma.. Thursday.  “Dearests—You ought to see B. & E. together.  B seeing D. Fairbanks…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain  Mar 13 AM  1926. Friday.  “Just back from movies…”

Mar. 15, 1926.  “Dearest Ladies—Zero weather and snow for three days, can you believe it. for us?  Our little crocuses are all snowed up, and the plants in the house…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain  Mar 30 AM  1926. Mar. 29.  “Dearests—I am so sorry for this sad news about Cousin Natalie’s death…”

April 1.  “And all sorts of pranks have enlivened the day—perpetrated by all of us!”

Postmarked Pine Mountain  Apr 6 AM  1926.  Monday.  “Dearest Arabella, I am so glad you are going to the osteopath…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain  Apr 12 AM  1926.  Sunday P.M.  “Dearest Two:  I’m so impressed with the loveliness of April rains…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain  Apr 21 AM  1926.  Tuesday Night.  “And of course my two dears will be hoping for a letter tomorrow…”

Tues.  [Arabella:  April 27/26]  “Dearest Ones—We’re just full of company…”

Tuesday  [Arabella: May 4/26]  “Dearest Two—Here am I on my way home from my semi-annual pilgrimage to Louisville (sound & hearty) & oh, such delicious spring socks…”

Postmarked Lynch  4 PM May 11 Ky [missing].  “Mon. P.M.  “Well, you know, dearests, from your own experience just how impossible it is to get letters written in the last days…”

Monday A.M.  [Arabella has written erroneously “Fall of 1926”]  “Dearests—Berto had his tonsils out early today, & isn’t it nice that it’s all over with!”

Friday.  [Arabella: May 21/26]  “Darlings—Berto has recovered so well & more quickly…”

Thursday [Arabella: May 27/26]  “Today—We’ve moved back upstairs…”

Thurs.  [Arabella:  June 5/26]  “Dearests—Oh, if you could only see our flowers.  New roses opening every day!”