de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 55. Letters to her family. October-December 1925.

Folder 55.  Letters to her family.  October-December 1925.  23 items.

Thursday.  “Dearest Mother—When I went up to waken Elena…”

Oct. 4.  “Dearest Arabella and Helen—I can hardly believe that tomorrow your dear furniture will get to you!”

Wed.  “And are you sleeping in yr. own beds tonight?”

Monday.  “Dearest Arab & WaWa [?]—Where to begin?  with my eager gobbling….”

October 14.  “Dearest Aunt, It is awful to think that my -one-package from you arrived….”

Oct. 19.  “Dearest Two—You couldn’t have a letter yesterday, The woods were so full of people!”

Oct. 23.  “My dears—Well—my birthday suitcase was fine!  Granny Creech put the pillow..”

Monday P.M.  “Dearest Ladies—If I hadn’t gone for a walk yesterday with Luigi & Berto..”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Oct 31  7 AM 1925, addressed to the de Longs 908 Maidson Avenue Wilmington, Delaware. October 30.  “Dearest Ladies—You should have heard the shrieks of laughter Elena & Berto uttered…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Nov 7   7 AM 1925.  Friday P.M.  “Dearest Two—Home again this day—with a fine new couple of teeth in my head…”

Sunday P.M.  “And I was to tell you today of Berea!”

Sunday Night.  “Dears, dears, dears—And haven’t you been neglected this week!”

Friday P.M.  “My dears, Well, the box came last night & was a delight.”

Tues. P.M.  “And just in from dancing!  Yes, I go every week & have a beautiful time…”

Sunday.  “When did I write you last?  It seems ages ago.  What did you two do Thanksgiving Day?”

December 6.  “Dearest Ladies—How lovely that Berto is to have the knife & coal cars….”

Dec. 9, 1925.  “Dearest Ladies—How fascinating is Helen’s account of your day at Wanamaker’s!”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Dec 15  7 AM 1925. Monday P.M.  “Dears!  Getting ready for the holidays are we.”

Wednesday.  “My dears—Be on the lookout for 1 box mistletoe (mail)….”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Dec 19  7AM 1925.  Friday.  “Dearests—How I’ve loved all your notes & letters this week!  I’m so sorry about Helen’s laryngitis…”

Monday P.M.  “Dears—I am bound to tell you that in spite of the curse, we had a gorgeous Sunday…”

Christmas Evening.  “A dear little boy is playing with a long, long train at my feet.”

Monday Night.  [Helen: 1925?] “And Elena’s birthday is over, bless the darling.”