de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 52. Letters to her family. January-June 1924.

Folder 52.  Letters to her family.  January-June 1924.   31 items. 

Thursday.  “Happy New Year!  Dearest Two—First thing I must tell you how lovely…”

Jan. 6.  “Dearest H. & A.  We’ve had a beautiful day, & spent it at Aunt Sals…”

Sunday P.M.  “Dearest Arabella & Helen—It’s a shame you’re not seeing Elena…”

Sunday Night.  “Dearest Two—Berto & Daddy have just gone over to the Do-odoo plant…”

January 21, 1924.  “Dear Helen:  We are proud to have your annual subscription….”

Thurs.  “Dearest Ladies—I wish you could see Berto & Elena riding the kiddy-kar.”

Monday Night.  “You would have had a letter last night, my dearests, if I hadn’t had…”

Sunday afternoon.  “Dearest Ladies—Our Elena is playing with brother’s play pretties…”

Monday P.M.  “Dearest Ladies—Will I ever get all events narrated?”

Feb. 25.  “No, Berto doesn’t have times waking up these days.”

March 3.  “Dearest Arabella & Helen—How frail is the human race!”

March 10 “Letters from you both tonight, my dears, so this seems quite like a conversation.”

Thurs.  “My dears—I know you’ll be fascinated by these pictures—& what a good idea…”

Tues.  “Dearest Two—Together you’ll be when this letter reaches you…”

Monday Night.  “So Arabella just gads about & can’t get letters off to her daughter!”

Friday Night.  “Elena crawls all the way upstairs alone—so proud of herself.”

Monday P.M. [Arabella: April 14/24]  “Another one of my lovely Sunday evening gatherings..”

Thurs.  [Arabella: April 17/24]  “Dearest Two—Such lovely letters do you both….”

Sat. Noon.  [Arabella: April 19/24]  “Just to tell you that our church bell is up…”

Tues.  “Well, well, and isn’t it nice to think of three Pine Mountaineers together…”

Apr. 26.  “Dearest Ladies—I’ve been rereading some of your letters this afternoon…”

Tuesday.  “Dearest Two—This can only be a line—for I am bound to go to bed.”

May Day. “Dearest Ladies—First news of all is that Elena is better.”

May 4.  “Dearest Ladies—It was fine to have a letter from Arabella tonight….”

Monday Night.  [Arabella: May 20] “Well, my dearest Two, it is now 9.10 p.m. & you will know that Elena is better….”

May 26.  “Dearest Arabella & Helen—The pantry is painted fresh!”

June 2.  “Well, my dears, June has brought us a half day of sunshine, anyway…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain June 6 AM 1924. June 5.  “Dearest Two—As I write, Mittens is trying to get her 3 lively kittens subdued…”

Wednesday.  The Cortlandt.  Louisville.  “Dearest Ladies—It’s a shame no letter went to you before we started…”

Sunday Night.  “My dears—such a lovely day & we two (B.Z. & E.Z.) so happy to be at home!”

Wednesday Evening.  “Well, Arabella and Helen—which of us feels the wust [sic] about my absence as you reach Pine Mountain, I couldn’t say!”