de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 48. Letters to her family. January-June 1922.

Folder 48.  Letters to her family.  January-June 1922.  40 items.

Sunday Night.  “Dearest Twos—Happy New Year, & I’m interpreting the fact that…”

Thurs. P.M.  “Dearest Two—To think of you, settling! After getting letters from Arab…”

Old Christmas.  “My dears—how lovely your house plan is!”

Tues.  “B. sometimes like me to play I am Nonna!”

Monday Night. “Dearest Arabella & Helen:  We’ve had a cold spell & now a warm one—with mud to make us rather discouraged about our houses.” [January 16]

Thursday. Jan 19.  [Helen: “probably 1922”]  “Dearests—Seems forever since I heard from you! —queer not to get a Sunday epistle tonight, but I’ll not be troubled.”

Friday Night.  “Dearest Two Who do you s’pose are sitting by our fire—have been sitting by it for three nights now?  None other than Dr. Huse & Harriet Butler.”

Tuesday. “Dearest Two—Well, it’s good to know that Helen’s cold shows even slight improvement; And Arab—I’m glad you’ve your marching orders…”

February 3.  “Some of the things Berto sings: ‘Organ & organ man singin’ in the wain.’”

Feb. 8.  “Dearest Arab & Helen—A late letter! I’m sorry, but you see Mr. Atkins brought up a piano tuner on Sunday…”

Frankfort—Tuesday.  “Dearests—Here I am—while the rest of the Z’s—and all the D’s are together at Pine Mt.”   [February 14?]

[To Alberto]  “Darling Beebe—Oh, oh, the trains and automobiles that Mother has seen…”

Fragment.  Grand Hotel Cincinnati stationery.  “ferent days, in each house, & legislation is pretty slow business.”   [February 16]

Postmarked Indianapolis, Indiana, February 18, 1922.  Friday Night.” Dearest Helen—I sat down in the salon tonight & heard the musicians play some of your pieces…”

Helen’s Birthday.  “And Ethel is at home once more—and found a treat—Helen’s long …”

Thurs. Night.  “Dearests—Two of you—Berto & Florence have gone to bed…”

Feb. 28.  “Dearest Arabella & Helen—I am afeared you’ll …”

Postmarked Pine Mountain, March 6 AM 1922, addressed to Mrs. George de Long, Berlin, Connecticut.  March 5, 1922.  “Dearests—First for the Bertoana: vide ‘Americana’…

Sunday Night.  “Darling Twos—If only Arab & Helen could have been here yesterday, a most charming day would have been perfect!”

Mar. 22 [Helen: 1922]  “Dearests—Berto—getting ready for bed—”I can dess myself….”

Last day of March.  “A News Sheet.  Jottings.  Berto will probably appreciate April Fool jokes tomorrow!”

Monday.  “Dearest Two—Florence has gone over today to spend a couple of weeks at the Pole House with K. Wright…”

Tuesday.  “Dearests—Well—these days I don’t want to spend any time cleaning house…”

Thurs.  “’Are you goin’ to wite to Aunt Honen, too?’” [sic]

April 9.  “Dearests—this has been a perfect day! to begin with, the Deschampes, [sic] the Zandes, Florence & her housemate Miss Coolidge…”

April 13. “Dearest Two—Such perfectly lovely letters from you both!”

Fragment.  “bellwort, wild iris, foam flower, phlox divaritcata, violets…”

Empty envelope postmarked Pine Mountain, April 24 A.M. 1922, addressed to Mrs. George de Long, Berlin, Connecticut.

[Probable contents of same]  Sunday.  “We’ve had a whole day off in the woods, dears…”

Tues.  “Everything is allright & now that festivities are over I can soon write you.”

Sunday afternoon. [Helen:  May 8, 1922]  “Berto has protested every time I sing him…” [end of letter is missing]

Fragment.  “we enjoyed Florence—so considerate & helpful, so appreciative & loyal &….”

Thurs. [Helen: May 12, 1922]  “Dearest Aunt Helen—Yes, do please bring Berto a pup.”

Monday. [Helen:  May 16, 1922]  “Dearest Family—Such a varied set of occupations as we’re having!”

Tues.  [Helen: May 24, 1922]  “Dearest Arab & Helen—Ten minutes to five—& my hair is ‘wropped’ up in a Turkish towel a drying—”

Sunday.  “Dearest Two—You will appreciate the state we’re in when I tell you that…”

June 7.  “It was great to get Helen’s fine letter tonight—to know that you’ll be here…”

June 11 [Arab: 22].  “My, my—now that it’s only a but more than two weeks till you come…”

Monday.  “Bon viaggio—& love, love, love—Ethel”