de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 47. Letters to her family. August-December 1921.

Folder 47.    37 items. 

Wednesday P.M.  “Dearest Helen—And a week ago tomorrow you left us!

Sunday.  “Dearest Helen, what a poor return is my silence for all your lovely letters!”

Friday 10 P.M.  “Dearest Nonna & Berto, we’ve just finished the best lunch…”

Postmarked Wheeling & Cin. R.P.O. Sept 4 1921 TR32.  Sat. 8 P.M.  “Dearest Helen—We’re off!”

“Dearest Mother—Well I’ve just had an after-dinner nap…”

Monday.  “Dearest Nonna & Berto—here we are at the Martins’!

Postmarked Toronto, Ontario Terminal Station Sept 9 8.30PM 1921.  Thursday A.M. “Dearest Helen—Here we are in Toronto!”

Friday A.M. Toronto.  “You two old deares—I’m so happy that 1/3rd of my vacation is over!”

“Well, my darling curly-haired Arabella—we are within half an hour of Boston…”

Postmarked Quebec 10AM Sep 12 1921, addressed to Master Alberto Zande Pine Mountain Kentucky U.S.A.  Letter from Luigi and sketch by Ethel.

Sunday Night. “Well, well, Arabella darling—how you would love this place!”

Tuesday. Quebec.  “Dearest Helen—Luigi & I expect to leave here Friday at 2 & reach N. Britain…”

Tuesday. Quebec.  ‘Dearest Arab—Nothing is nicer in the world than a cool, half cloudy…”

Wednesday.  “Dearest Arab—This rainy day is cheered by letters forwarded from Helen…”

“Dearest Mother—I am very tired of reading & resting & eating liquid food…”

“Dearest Arab & Berto, I’m wearin’ awa’ for a sight of you both, sure, I am.”

Saturday Afternoon.  “Dearest Arab—I can’t begin to tell you hom much I’ve thought…”

Sunday.  “Dearest Arabella—Don’t we wish you were here with us & our darling Berto!”

Tuesday.  “Darling Mother, I am purely exulting today because I feel so much better!”

Wednesday P.M. “Darling Arabella—We are in N.Y. still…”

Oct 24.  “L & N Agent, Pineville, Ky.  Dear Sir—Please let me know by return mail….”

Sunday Evening.  “Dearest Arabella—I’ve been wondering all day how you were enduring…”

Wednesday.  “Dearest Little Love—B. & I went to the Medical S. today on Billy horse…”

Sunday Night.  “Dearest Arab—Well, well, well!  To think of my ill-luck!”

Monday Night.  “Dearest Arab—perfectly lovely to get a postcard from you!”

Monday.  “Dearest Two—How lovely to be writing you together!”

Friday Night.  “Dearest Mother—My two boys are in bed asleep…”

Monday Night.  “I am writing with pencil, my dears, so I can sit in the big chair…”

“Dearest Two—It’s Monday Evening—no, Tuesday, & I’m so very sleepy…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Dec 1 AM 1921.  “ Wednesday Night.  “Dearest Dears—I didn’t write you last night because Berto was still sick, & I thought I’d wait over a night…”

Sunday Night.  “Dearest Two—I’ve just written to Louisville thanking Miss Williamson…”

Monday Afternoon.  “Dearest dears—I’e vjust been tying lovely balls on Berto’s ‘Kismis’ tree & wishing that we all were to have the day together…”

Friday Night.  “The last chance to write you before Christmas!”

“Darling Arab—We hope your new umbrella will be so beautiful that…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Dec 26 AM 1921.  Christmas Night 7:30.  “Our two boys are tucked up in the big bed…”

Wed. “Dearest Two:  The D’s are reading, Luigi is folding the letters I’ve just signed…”

Friday Night.  “Darlings—I am so thankful that our precious Arab is better…”