de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 45. Letters to her family. July-December 1920.

Folder45.  Letters to her family.  July-December 1920.   32 items. 

“Dearest Helen—to you at Lincoln—leisurely, beautiful, dignified Lincoln!”

Aug. 3, 1920.  “Dearest Helen—Your letters are prizes, especially since….”

Tues.  “My dear—I’ve not written you since your two astounding letters, I think…”

Aug. 19.  “Dearest Helen—Well, well, well—so you’ve been X-rayed…”

Monday.  “Dearest Helen—I wished ‘Y.W.C.A.’ didn’t seem very cold & cheerless…”

“Dearest Helen—there is nothing so nice as having a little sister who cares enough for you…”

Thursday. 8:30 P.M.  “Dearest Arabella—Such a lovely fresh naturtium bouquet….”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Oct 16 AM 1920, addressed to Miss Helen de Long 150 West Main Street New Britain Connecticut.  Friday.  “Dearest Helen—Just to let you know….”

Sunday.  “Dearest Mother—and Nonna—Here are kisses from the sweetest little treasure…”

Oct. 19.  “Dearest Arabella—I’ve so enjoyed, this evening, my birthday letter from you…”

Thursday.  “Dearest Mother & Helen—It’s purely lovely to get letters from Arabella…”

Sunday Night.  “Dearest Helen—Three days since my birthday and no special letter…”

Oct. 27, 1920.  “Dearest Mother & Helen—This is to greet you both, a reunited couple…”

Thurs.  “Dearest Ladies—Thursday night—and November nearly here, and ….”

Sunday Evg.  “Dearest Mother & Helen—Such a nice Sunday—with all the school off…”

Wednesday.  “Dearest Mother & Helen:  I wonder, I wonder, how the days get by?”

“Dearest Two—Sunday night & you’ve been reestablished in a home…”

Nov. 11, 1920.  “Dearest Mother & Helen, I wonder if a great effort of will…”

Sat. 7 P.M.  “Dearest Mother & Helen—In a wee bit while I’ll be taking the train for home…”

Tuesday Night.  “Dearest Two—Nearly train time—oh joy!”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Nov 22 AM 1920, addressed to Mrs. George de Long 150 West Main Street New Britain Connecticut.  Sunday Night.  “And isn’t it nice to have one of them at home!”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Nov 24 AM 1920, addressed to Mrs. George de Long c/o the Misses Greene  West Bourne Farm  Peterboro N.H.  Tuesday.  “Dearest Two—Such a lovely box—exactly like you & homw & enough to have made me weep…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Nov 26 AM 1920, addressed to Miss Helen de Long 150 West Main Street New Britain Connecticut.  Thanksgiving Night.  “Dearest Helen mine—What a letter writer you are coming to be!

Sunday Evg.  “And are you both back at home by this time—8.30—well rested…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Dec 2 AM 1920. Wed P.M.  “My dears—Such a charming letter from Mother about Peterboro!

Sunday Night.  “Dearest Two—such a sunny, pretty day, set in a rainy November!

Wed.  “Dearests—I did not get off today, for electric light man came in yesterday…”

Postmarked Harlan Ky Dec 16 1 PM 1920.  Thursday Harlan 8 A.M.  “Well—it’s happy I am this morning with only six more hours between me and my treasures…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Dec 17 AM 1920.  “Thursday Night and all is well!”

Dec. 23.  “Dearest Loves—I am full of lovely things to tell you of….”

Sunday Night. [Helen: Christmas 1920.] “Well—dearests—and this Christmas when we would so have loved to be together is gone by,—full of beauty and rich in overtones.”

Tues.  “Just to wish you Happy New Year…”