de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 38. Letters to her family. October-December 1917.

Folder 38.  Letters to her family. October-December 1917.   34 items.

Thurs. A.M.  “Dearest Mother & Helen—What a fat letter I got last night!”

“Dears—Hit’s Friday night—Baby is brushing her teeth…”

Monday Morning.  “This letter is going out by Miss Annie Brown…”

Tues Evg.  “My dears—Well of course I wonder & wonder if the new medicine is right…”

Thurs.  “Just back from a 30 mile ride for onions…”

“Dearest Mother—Well, I’ll send longer letters after this…”

[Arabella: October 14, 1917] Sunday Evg.  “Dearest Lady I started to write you this morning just as Caleb Powers walked on to the porch…”

Monday Night.  “Dearest Two Uns Is it a cold night with you but have you a good fire?”

Thurs Evg.  “Well, my dearies oh—this is truly the beautifullest of Octobers.”

[October 20] “Dearest Ladies—it is my birthday morning & kind fortune has provided a way for me to get you a message.”

“I am writing this letter very cosily tucked up in bed…”

“’Tis Wednesday Evening—quiet, for the family is at supper.”

Sunday Morning.  “Dearest Mother—I’ve been studying & studying about you since early morning…”

Wed. “Have just put on my new leather shirt…”

Wed 9 P.M.  “Home again & so happy to have Helen’s letter…”

“Dearest Mother—Well, indeed I can understand all your feelings—but I would not feel so troubled about Helen’s health, if I were you.”

Thurs. afternoon.  “Such a cozy fire I have, dears.  I wish my dear Arabella had one in her room.”

“Yes it does just make you sick—the reverses of the Italian army.”

Tues. “Dearest Ladies—This is going over the mt. by Willie Stone & M. Butler who are having a vacation for 2 wks. & a month, respectively.”

Thurs.  “Dearest Two—I wrote you this A.M. what I was going to do—Now I wish I could tell you of the day.”

In envelope postmarked Pine Mountain, Ky. November  2–, 1917, addressed to Helen. “Dearest Helen—I don’t wonder you are troubled and distressed…”

In same envelope as No. 21.  “Dearest Helen—I am sending a telegram in answer to your last letter…”

In envelope; postmarked is largely illegible, possibly November 20 or 26.  Addressed to Helen.  Has handwritten number on envelope 2-8937.  “Dearest Helen—Oh how glad I am for your letter…”

“Dearest Arabella—I just hated to hear of your dreadful over-Sunday attack…”

“Now—dearest Arabella—of course you’re going to do just what Dr. Rockwell & Dr. Linnell say…”

Monday.  “Dearest Mother & Helen—Last night came the baby’s cap…”

“My dear Two—It is the night before Thanksgiving & in spite of my grief that you haven’t a turkey…”

Early Sat. morning (5 A.M.). “Do you wonder why I choose this hour to write you?”

“Dearests—I was aiming to rise up early as I often do & write you.”

Tues.  “Dears—It’s so nice to hear of your good Thanksgiving dinner.”

December 4, 1917.  “Thanksgiving was all you could possibly have wanted it to be…”

Thursday Evening  “Dears—well—here is news from my end—Mostly its from yours!”

December 18, 1917.  “My dear Arabella:  You can’t guess where I am dictating this letter.”

Greeting card: “Happiness to you.”