de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 37. Letters to her family. August-September 1917.

 Folder 37.  Letters to her family.  August-September 1917.      41 items.

“Such a busy day—no chance for a line!”

“Helen dear & Mother Sweet—You would forgive my not writing a long letter if….”

Wed A.M.   “The locusts are buzzing—& I am sorry for people in cities…”

Thurs.  “I am in Harlan—raod business—having risen at 3 A.M. so as to ride in before the heat of the day begins.”

Friday.  “Dearest Mother & Helen—You might think Baby blood kin of yours…”

Sunday. “My dear—Isn’t it great to have the hot wave broken?”

Wed.  “Baby at 5.30—this morning, when the rising bell has at last given her a chance to speak to me—just wakened.”

“Dearest—They say here that yr. hair will come in again after the fever.”

Thursday Night.  “Dearest Mother—I’ve just had a bath, & am in a clean nightie”

“Dearest Helen—In return for your beauteous sketch I enclose those long-wished films.”

“Dearest Mother—I wish I were there to fix you a black lace mantilla till your hair grows…”

Postmarked Benham…R.P.O. August 15, 1917.  “Dearest—Wed. in Harlan with just a few minutes before the train must carry this to you.”

Tues a.m. Early. “Dearest dearest Two—Welcome back to 21—& how I wish I were there…”

Postmakred Pine Mountain, Ky. August 22, 1917.  “Dearest Helen—They are beauties—& I’d say ‘Too pretty for me to use’ if Miss Butler were not coming.”

“What delightful letters Helen’s been awriting me about her vacation.”

Friday.  “My dear ‘Mrs. George de Long’—So read the envelope that will carry this to you.”

Sunday Night. “Such beautiful letters.  My dears—How happy I was to get yr. letters…”

“Darlings—I wish you had been at my tea party yesterday afternoon—under the appletree…”

“I wish you were here to hear Mr. Sharp & Miss Karpales [sic] sing ballads…”

“Dear Twose—Please begin now to plan something delightful!”

“Dearests— It is early Monday morning—before breakfast or rising bell.”

Tues.  “Dearests—So you two are stove worshippers!”

Thurs. Evg.  “Dearest Mother & Helen—I wish I could know this lovely Sept. night, that Mother is free from pain.”

Mon.  “My dear—I’m sending you a little pkg. with a cunning soft challi kimona in it…”

“Dear precious lady.—I have two things on my mind of great importance…”

Dearest Mother—I’ve been doing a heap o’studying about you.”

Thurs.  “Dearests—I hope the precious medicine is making the days easier.”

Friday Sept. 14.  “I have just said to Baby ‘Now I’m going to write to Grandma…”

“Dearest Two—It’s Monday morning & Miss Spenser is to take this over the mt.”

“Dearest Ladies—Oh what a glorious morning it is & how I hope you & Helen are happy!”

Thurs.  “Well—darlings—& how are you today?”

“Mr. Horcae Fox, our road Engineer, is so nice.”

Friday Evg.  “It is between supper time & party time.  Baby & I’ve been having our usual sing.”

“Greetings to the best of Arabs, and profoundest hope that the wonderful medicine…”

“This is to go over the mt. by John Fox!”

“Ah welaway! think of a birthday letter to one’s mother beginning with tears…”

Wed. “Well, but it’s joyful to hear that Mother has had two good days…”

Thurs.  “Of course I want letters from home more than anything but somehow when they come they make me feel very teary.”

Monday 9.30 P.M. “Can there be anything so nice as to get $590…”

“Dearest Two—Did I tell you that I have a new job?”

[September 30] “Dearest Mother & Helen—It’s a cold September morning, the last one in “ —& I…”