de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 35. Letters to her family. May 1917.

Folder 35.  Letters to her family.  May 1917.  29 items.

Wednesday.  “Dearest Lady—I’ve just ironed seven sheets 2 nightgowns, & 10000 table napkins…”

Thursday.  “Helen dearest—My goodness! you gave us a turn this morning…” [notation by Helen “Ethel’s letters Hospital 1917”]

“Helen my dear—Well we are pleased and still more pleased at the wealth of details…”

“Well Helen—dearest—how goes this Saturday with you?”

“One Sunday is like unto another in that it gets to be three o’clock almost before you’re out of bed.”

Monday. “Dearest Helen How you do interfere with the dinner dishes!”

“Helen Bray de Long—Good-morning!  Has dogwood winter descended on you…”

“Dearest Helen—We hear of you as very well, very pink, very girlish looking…”

Friday Noon.  “Dearest Helen—The split pea soup is boiling, likewise the spinach…”

My dear Helen this is a day of wonders—and you should be here to see!”

“Just a line to tell you my dear that if course I didn’t show your private letter to Mother.”

“Dearest Helen—Monday, & the postman coming!  I’ll outwit him & this shall go via the faithful Christine.”

“Helen my dear—how do you like the idea of fish balls & washday & a lecture….”

Wednesday. 1.30. “We are all fed, & the dishes can wait!”

Thurs.  “Dearest Helen—If you stay in hospital much longer my handwriting will have nervous prostration!”

Friday. “Dearest Helen Your nightis is ready to go—& we wish we had a wonder box to send with it!”

“Sunday morning, my dear, and very warm & bright and pretty, and I aim to go to church.”

“Dear Helen—Well, your coat & your wonder box have gone & I hope you get as much fun…”

Tues.  “Helen dear, Mother has had a brilliant idea—that we try to find a place for you and her to go when you come from the hospital.”

“DXXXXearest Helen—the kisses show where Christine came in.”

Wednesday.  “Sadness is upon the House of de Long because we got no letter from Helen this morning…”

Friday.  “Dear Helen dear—Dr. Linnell thinks it’ll be perfectly safe for you to come home next week…”

“Indeed I’ll come for you next Wednesday & bring you home Thursday.”

“My dear—This is next to the last letter I’ll write you.  Isn’t that fine?”

Monday. “Of course we’re terribly disappointed by Miss Gilmartin’s telegram.”

“Dearest Helen—You are not as bright as I thought you were! In understanding the psychology of y’r family.”

“Dearest Helen—The flag is foetly blowing and twilight is coming on.”

“See you tomorrow!  Owing to the fact that we’ve never yet had any answer to Tues. letters…”

Monday.  “Dearest Ladies both—I aim to begin this letter before mail comes…”