de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 33. Letters to her family. August-December 1916.

Folder 33.  Letters to her family. August-December 1916.  23 items.

“Well, my dears, you have made a dear place much dearer to me…”

“Dearest ladies,— how I wish you cd. have been on Jack’s Gap on Sunday…”

Friday.  “Love to Aunt Ida & All.  How I wish you could have been here this evening…”

September 11, 1916.  “Dear Mother:  I’m trying to get done part, at least, of what you wanted,—some of the Pine Mountain news!”

“Dearest Mother and Helen—Here I am in Harlan!  I walked in yesterday…”

Tuesday Evening.  “What I want to know is how my young and gay Mother has….”

“Dearest Mother & Helen, Yesterday I had to ride to Harlan and back for legal advice on the lumber deal.”

[October…] “It is, my dears, a warm, wonderful moonlight night and there has been singing everywhere—Luigi on his hillside, Evelyn Wells & I on ours.”

“My dear Madame & Mademoiselle You are supposed, as my kinfolk, to feel an interest in certain letters I send you!”

“Dearest of Ladies, Wherefore do I not hear from you?”

Sunday Evg.  “Dearest of dears,—The years bring me sure knowledge of the blessedness of having such a Mother as you.”

Sunday.  “Mrs. George de Long Miss Helen de Long Norwich Town, Conn: Madams: The writer begs to state that she is now on the train to New York…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain, Ky. Nov 6, 1916.  “Sunday Night.  Half past seven and the close of a glorious day!”

Postmarked Pine Mountain, Ky., Nov. 8, 1916.  “The pictures are some taken…”

“Dearest Mother & Helen: It’s party night and I wish you were here.”

[Arabella: Nov. 20]  Monday. “Well, no one cd ever be more penitent than I over not writing…”

“Dearest Mother,—You should be here in this nursery where my three least uns are now going to sleep.”

“Would you like—you two—to have me bring Frances, Cam, & baby Frances…”

“Dearest Mother & Helen—It is now Thursday; and far too late in the week for me…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain, Ky. December 12, 1916.  “Dearest Helen, There is snow in the air and I imagine by next Sunday we’ll have to have S.S. indoors!”

“Dearest Mother and Helen—This is Wednesday afternoon and I am sitting in front of my fire…”

“This is not a Christmas letter, dears, only your regular (?) Wednesday one.”

“The Thanksgiving pie came!  Well, we had the loveliest Christmas, dear ones.”