de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 27. Letters to her family. May-December 1913.

Folder 27.  Letters to her family.  May-December 1913.  37 items. 

Friday Night.  “Good Evening to you, dearest lady!  Another week has gone and finds…”

Wednesday Evening.  “Dearest Mother and Helen,—No time for a letter after all!”

Postmarled Benham & Pineville R.P.O.  May 28 1912 TR48, addressed to Mr. George de Long South Dennis Massachusetts.  Monday Afternoon.  “My dear father, This is my first letter to you since I got to Pine Mt. and my new school…”

Saturday Afternoon.  “A little leisure, dearest lady, for you and Helen!  Isn’t it nice?”

Monday Afternoon.  “Dearest Mother & Helen—Please excuse my stationery, which…”

Thursday.  “I’ve been thinking all the way up in the car, dears, how lovely it is…”

Sat. A.M.  “Just home from the printer’s & just out for my last visit to the dressmaker…”

“Dearest Mother—This is Monday, & I am having a 2 hr. wait at Corbin…”

Wednesday Evening.  “My very dear precious Mother, It is good to think of you this evening..”

Friday [at end]. “Dear Two—It was great to hear from you last night…”

“Wednesday Night—and so sleepy am I!”

Thurs. 9:50 P.M.  “What a kaleidoscope they have been, these last two days!”

“Just out of Barnstable.  My very dear ones—I am sleepy & lonesome….”

Sunday Night.  “Dearest Three—I’m having a good, absolutely full time…”

“My dear ladies all—This is 8.30, Tues. evg. Geneva!”

Camp Asulykit, Sunday.  “You would love this place, where I have set up my rest…”

Tues.  “Dearest Mother—I was so glad for your letter this morning…”

Thursday.  “Dearest of dear Mothers, In this kaleidoscopic world I am living in….”

Sat. 6:30 A.M.  “Here I am, in a little hotel in Stroudsburg, waiting for the local…”

Buck Hill Falls.  Mon. M.  “Just a line to tell you that there are more lovely old Quakers…”

“On the train to Albany. 2.40 P.M.  Dearest Mother—What a whirl this has been!”

“I am sending some things today that will show you I have been in Boston!”Sat. A.M.  [Helen:1913]

“Dearest Mother, Helen, & Auntie, Here I am over in Harlan….”

[Helen: 1913] “To my dearest Mother—on her birthday eve—greeting!  It did steal a march…”

Sunday Morning.  “My dearest little sister, My first letter today, on a day when I….”

Sunday Morning.  “My dearest Mother—It’s great to be writing you!”

Friday Noon.  “Dearest Mother—I was not at all surprised, only grieved, when your….”

[Helen: 1913]  “Dearest Mother and Helen—A Sunday evening, in front of the fire…”

Thurs.  Richmond, Ky.  “Dearest Mother—On my way back I am stopping here…”

[Helen: 1913] “Dearest Mother and Helen–Sunday morning—early—and I am up…”

Wednesday A.M.  Nov. 12. “Dearest Mother—I am twenty-nine hours late in arriving…”

Monday A.M. “Dearest Mother—This enclosure will interest you.”  [attached newspaper clipping:  “Kentucky Mountaineer at Herron Institute.” 2 pieces.]

Wednesday Evening.  “Dearest Mother and Helen—Miss Rockwell and I are up in the studio, she working on the house plans for Pine Mt—I consulting now & then…”

Thanksgiving Day.  “Dearest Little Sister, I am so sorry you’re not up to par…”

Wed. A.M.  “Dearest Lady—I was too sleepy to address the envelope the other night…”

Saturday.  “Just getting ready for the Christmas party this noon!”

“Happy New Year—dear precious two…”