de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 21. Letters to her family. January-March 1911.

Folder 21.  Letters to her family.  January-March 1911.   17 items. 

Friday Evening.  “Dearest Mother, My, what a joy it was to get your and Helen’s fine thick letters tonight.”

Sunday Morning.  [Arabella:  January 1911] “My very dear ladies—Mother and Helen.  A windy day, with a cloud…”

Sunday Evening.  [Arabella:  January 11, 1911] “Dearest Mother and Helen, How much I have been thinking of you…”

Tuesday.  “My dearest Mother,—I have been thinking and thinking of you…”

Sunday Evening.  [Arabella:  February 3] “Rainy, warm, and therefore, confused…”

Postmarked Hindman Feb 9 6 AM 1911 Ky.  “My dearest Mother and Helen—This letter is to ‘the both’ of you…”

“To a dear sweet Lady, I send Biscuits to eat!”

Sunday P.M.  “Dear Helen—How sorry I am that you’ve had such a cold!”

Sunday Night.  “Dearest little Lady—So you have been ill with a cold!”

Friday Evening, 4:30.  “My dear little sister, Excuse me for so speaking…”

Sunday P.M.  “My very dear ladies, I am in spirit throwing up my hat…”

Postmarked Hindman Feb 20  6 [illeg] addressed to Mrs. George de Long  Miss Helen de Long, 87 High Street  Montclair New Jersey. “The wrens are singing so sweetly.”

“Dearest little Mother, You don’t know how much I have missed your letter this week…”

Sunday at Six.  “The darkness is just coming, and coolness, after a hot day.”

Sunday Afternoon.  “Dearest Mother—I have just been taking a nap…”

Dearest Mother—I am just ready to start off Whitesburg way, but must write…”

“My dearest Mother, and Helen, To think of my just making ready to start on another trip…”