de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 14. Letters to her family. September-October 1908.

 Folder 14.  Letters to her family.  September-October 1908.   14  items.

Sunday Morning.  “My very dear ones—Out here it is still before breakfast, for lazy folks at least, but I fancy that you at home are finishing yours by this time.”

Wednesday Night.  “Dearest Mother, I wish you could see the coziness of this room…”

Saturday Night.  “Dearest Mother,—I want this letter to get to you before the extremely business-like looking packages that I sent off this afternoon!”

Saturday Evening.  “It was lovely to have letters from you and Helen this morning, to round out this week when I’ve been luxuriating in a letter every day.”

Wednesday Evening. “Here it is almost time for my regular and yet I haven’t sent off the extra to youall, my own dears!”

Sunday afternoon “Perhaps this letter will get to you as soon, dearest Mother, as the one I wrote you for Monday.”

Thursday Evening.  “Oh, but it’s lovely to have the weather cold and clear and snappy…”

Sunday Morning—Major’s Crossing. “To tell you further just where I am now would make you think you’d got into an artist’s palate.”

Saturday Evening.  “It is just about dinner time, but so dark that I think of it as really evening.”

Tuesday evening, Bedtime.  “Dearest Mother—Oh, but I’m sorry you’re ill!”

Thursday Evening.  “Dearest Mother mine—I planned a letter for you on Tuesday evening, but you already know that I couldn’t get it done!”

Sunday Morning.  “Dearest Mother, I have just come in from church, whither I went in spite of the heat, for once again, although the leaves are dropping off the trees…”

[October 19, 1908] “It is nearly half past eleven on the night before my birthday—dearest home folks…”

Sunday Night.  “It seems unfortunate that such things as washes to be put up for the woman have to precede the writing of letters, especially of letters home…”