de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 29. Letters to her family. August-December 1914.

Folder 29.  Letters to her family.  August-December 1914.  25 items.

“Dearest Mother—If you could have seen Polly Anna & Bobbie both asleep…”

“Dearest Mother—Both kittens are asleep in my lap—& I’ve just finished signing…”

“My dear—if you are well over the sad effects of rabbit, & peaches.”

“My dear—these kittens & I are sharing one narrow couch, & my observation of….”

“Monday Evening—and a lovely fire on my hearth & silk Bobby in my lap…”

Sat. P.M. “How fine is Dr. Dobey’s news!”

“The rain is coming down so fast & I am not getting my coveted trip!”  [Beginning is missing]

Wed. Sept. 16. [at end] “Dearest Mother—The fairest afternoon that ever was.”

Sept. 19, 1914. [at end] “Saturday and nearly bedtime!  The kittens asleep on the foot of my bed…”

Sept. 25. [at end]  “Dearest Mother,—I am so eager to hear from you—to know about father…”

“My dearest lady—It is Monday night,—ten o’clock—& I’ve just sealed the letters…”

Sept. 30, 1914.  “I’ve just put Polly Anna into a basket, by the fire…”

October 21.  “Just think of it, dearest Mother and Helen, Bobby has caught a mouse!”

Friday.  “darling Mother & Helen—Greetings to you in the new house…”

Wed.  “Love & love to you & so many thanks for my hymnal with the right tune.”

Monday. [Helen: 1914]  “Dearest Mother—I can hardly wait to plant the bulbs you sent.”

Dearest—I’m so glad you’re better and aim to get well for Helen…”

Wednesday.  “My dearest two—This is a Robinson Crusoe kind of life…”

Monday Night.  “Dearest Mother & Helen—The housekeeper came today—praise the Lord!”

“Just think of yr. daughter up and writing letters at 5.20!”

Monday.  “Polly Anna and Bobby had some of your plum pudding, if you please!”

Thursday. “Dearest Two Ladies—It seems superfluous to write, for am I not near to New England…”

[Helen: 1914]  “Dearest Lady,—Helen has left you—I hope—and I shall see her…”

“Dearest of dear ladies—When the little boys and I go around singing “God rest you, merry gentlemen” I shall be wishing you could hear it…”

“My precious lady, You letter was like yourself—very wonderful,—but how grieved we are…”