de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 7. Letters to her family. January-April 1905.

Letters to her family.  January-April 1905.


Folder 7.  Letters to her family.  January-April 1905.  11 items. 

[Incomplete—end missing]] 146 Bay St. Springfield, Mass. Thursday noon.  “Dears:  Here I am, sitting on the edge of my chair, with many a thing to say, and only a little while to say it in!”

“My dear dear Two:  We have thought of you, often, on this first Sunday, and Father even expressed the wish that you could have some of our delicious roast-beef!”  Sunday.

[Incomplete—end missing] 146 Bay St. Springfield, Mass. Sunday Afternoon.  “Dears,—Mother and Sister:  I have had such a beautiful long morning, (for I decided that I would not go to church to-day) writing, and reading a book so interesting that I can’t bear to think of leaving it to be finished another day…”

‘Dears:  You are really to have a box from home!  Guess what there will be in it.”

[probably January 22, 1905]  Sunday Afternoon. “Dear Ones who belong to me:  I wonder what you’re doing this afternoon,—if Helen is longing for her auto harp, if Melvin is visiting you, if the sun is shining, if you are lonely.”

“You asked me to tell you about Mrs. Merrell’s death: I know very little, except that it was not unexpected.”

“Dearest Mother and Sister:  In a little while I am going to the Unitarian Church with Lucy, but if I write as fast as I know how, I shall be able to say a good deal before we start.”

Postmarked Springfield, Mass. Highland Sta. Feb 19 5 30 PM 1905. Addressed to Miss Helen de Long Montreat North Carolina. “Dear Little Sister:  I send you to-day a box for your eighteenth birthday, the most important day of your life so far, you think, I suppose!”

146 Bay St. Springfield, Mass. March 2, 1905.  “My dear Two: This vacation has been so full of doings and happenings that I’ve found no time for a true vacation letter…”

“My dearest Mother:  Your letters and Helen’s have given me joy, lately, with their accounts of what sound like very good times.”

“Dear Mother:  Your little note has just come, and lest you may want to start on Friday, I hasten to send you more checks.”  Tuesday Night.