de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 6 . Letters to her family. July-September 1904.

Letters to her family.  July-September 1904.

Folder 6 .  Letters to her family.  July-September 1904.  14 items.

Sunday Morning, 12 o’clock.  “My dear little Mother:  The house is empty of its six guests…”

Friday Evening. [Helen: July 1904]  “My dear Lady Arabella:  Poor busy little piece of royalty that you are!”

Postmarked Allerton Jul 21  7 AM 1904 Mass, addressed to Mrs. George de Long 146 Bay Street Springfield, Massachusetts. Thursday Afternoon.  “My dear little Lady Arabella: Observe the appropriateness of my heading!”

Postmarked Allerton Jul [illeg] 1904 Mass.  Postmarked Springfield, Mass Jul 22 8 30 AM 1904 Rec’d.  Thursday Afternoon. “My dear Lady:  Your most welcome letter came this morning…”

Monday.  “Dear little sweet Lady:  Your Sunday night letter has just come…”

“Dear little frightened lady:  This is my first moment to get you word that you must stop yearning to get down to us…”

“My dear Mother:  For the first time in somedays I have leisure enough to sit down…”

[Helen: 1904]  “Dearest Mother:  This is late Mon [?] day evening; and it has been a full day.”

Wednesday Morning. [Helen: 1904]  “Dear Lady:  Helen sits writing to you on her bed in the house, for it is too foggy for her to be out-doors…”

“Dearest Mother:  It is half past seven o’clock, and we are still in our stateroom…” [end is missing]

Monday Morning.  “’The Wigwam,’ Orr’s Island, Maine.  My dear little Mother:  Here I am, a dutiful daughter, writing to you every day!”

Postmarked Portland, Me Aug 17 3 30 AM 1904  [a transit postmark; original postmark and stamp have been cut off envelope]  August 15.  “Dearest Little Mother:  Your letter so full of the love we take gratefully and wonderingly, and I suspect, quite undeservingly…”

Postmarked Orr’s Island  [illeg] 18 [illeg].  Postmarked Springfield, Mass. Aug 19 3 30 AM Rec’d.  “Dear Home People:  Just a “Good Morning’ and my love to you to-day.”

“Well, it’s quarter past four o’clock on Saturday morning, Sept. 9, and I’ve been awake 4 & 3/4 hours, but I’m not a bit sleepy…”