de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 5 . Letters to her family. Circa 1901-1905.

Letters to her family.  Circa 1901-1905.

Folder 5 .  Letters to her family.  Circa 1901-1905.  6 items. 

[Helen:  Between 1901-1905] Sunday Evening.  “My dearest family, one and all:  I’ve been plotting a good long letter to you since seven yesterday morning…”

“Dear Smallchild:  We three are sitting here in Aunt Em’s pleasant sunny room…”

“My dearest little Lady:  I’ve just come in from a three-quarters of an hour with Miss Hoag…”

“My dearest Little Lady: It’s the most glorious day in the world,—blue sky, clear air, radiant sunshine, and free sweet breeze.”

“My dearest little Lady:  Here it is early Sunday evening, and I’m wanting a talk with you before the dark comes on apace.”

“My dear Mother:  In truth, it is a long long time since I wrote to you, as long ago as Wednesday I believe!”