de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 2 . Letters to her family. December 1900-March 1901.

Letters to her family.  December 1900 – March 1901


Folder 2 .  Letters to her family.  December 1900-March 1901.   20 items. 

“Dear Marmie;—Isn’t this a lovely note?  Now what would you do about it?”

[Arabella:  Dec. 21] “My dear precious family:—I have just time for a little word before I begin to finish…”

Sunday Evening.  “My dear little Motherdie;—Here I am very near our old ‘residence’ at 27…”

Saturday Evening.  “My darling Mother;—Your telegram has just come—while I was out sending the box…”

“My dearly beloved ones;—May the peace of God that passeth all understanding comfort your hearts.”

“My dear dear Family;—I was so glad to get Mother’s brave sweet letter this morning…”

“My dear precious Mother;—I wonder if you have yet gotten through reading the last volume I sent you?”  [signature page lacking]

Monday Morning.  “My dear little Mother;—You will be looking for a word from me…”

Thursday, January 10, 1901. “My dear little Mother;—I’ve just a moment or two to write you a bit of a note, to send my love and tell you that all is well.”

[Beginning is missing]  “time that you can, for I’m well taken cared for [sic] and very comfortable.  I shall give up Miss Hubbard’s work at mid-years.”

“My dear little Mother:—This is Sunday Evening and I’m writing my ‘home letter’ in bed, so that I won’t have the bother of undressing if I am overcome by sleepiness.”

Sunday Evening, 9 P.M.  [Someone: 1900?]  “My dear precious little Mother:—First of all I must discharge my duties and answer those soul-searching questions contained in your last letter.”

Thursday, January 25, 1901.  “Dear, dear little Mother:—After your sweet, but too-brief note of this morning…”

Tuesday Noon.  “Dearest Mother;—I’ve nothing at all to say, but your letter has just come and I feel that I must write a bit of a note…” [end is missing]

“My dear little Mother;—After three letters already this week you can’t have more than …” [end is missing]

“My dear family of three;—Your lovely letter has just come, and made me very happy.

“My precious little Motherdie, and Fatherdie and Helendie:—Sunday morning has just waked up…”

Newspaper clipping.  “Prize Debate at the College.”

“My dear dear Family;—Well, the Debate is all over, and Gertrude and I are scribbling little notes to our own folks to tell you how things went…”  [Debate program is attached.]

“My dear precious little Marmie;—Such a dull dark rainy Saturday afternoon…”