HISTORY Chronology II 1912-1942

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 04: HISTORIES
Chronology II
1912 – 1942


384 Pine Mountain Pageant at Indian Cliff. “? 35” [creech_columbus_3_384]

HISTORY Chronology  II, 1912 – 1942

TAGS: Chronology of PMSS history 1912-1942, buildings and physical plant, education, extension, personnel, health, special events


Year Buildings & Physical Plant
Education Extension Personnel Health Special
1912           Letters to establish school
1913 John Shell “Gray” Cottage ; Store Building and Masonic Lodge ;
3 Tents ;
Sawmill ;
May 15 – Big Log house begun
        Robin Hood Play
1914 Old Log House ; “House in the Woods” ; Big Log house completed ; Farm House begun ;          
1915 Tool House 40 children enrolled        
1916 Barn is built ;          
1917 Zande House         Cecil Sharp’s visit
1918       Death of Uncle William; marriage of Ethel de Long and Luigi Zande in CT.   Shakespeare play
1919 Pole House constructed ;  Office constructed; Big Laurel  Medical Center begun ; old Burkham School burns   Farm[?] Robbins cabin & school on L. Laurel;   Dental Clinic; Medical Settlement Road started; Old fashioned …?; May Day; first issue of NOTES Community Fair Day began
1920 New Burkham SchoolBoy’s House; Line Fork Settlement begun Pageant of PMSS history;  S Canto Miss [Angela] Melville in Extension C…     Aeroplane over PMSS; Peter Pan
1921 Infirmary Weaving at Old Log; Pine [?] Lane around School Regional schools      
1922 Chapel; Line Fork Med. Settlement ; Boy’s Industrial Building (Workshop)       Eye, ear, nose, throat clinic  
1923 Planned Swimming Pool; Water at Med. Settlement ; Construction of Country Cottage [Practice House]          
1924 Dedication of the Chapel; School Grades 1-4 ended; 1st High School graduates   Stapleton   Logging train
1925 Girl’s Industrial Building ;   Brooms in Bee Drad…? Aunt Sal’s death    
1926           Indian Cave remains  discovered
1927 Cabin for Mrs. [Martha]  Burns     Mr. Pope, naturalists visits   Performance by school of Sun…
1928   Miss Melville takes charge of school   Mrs. Zande’s death; Mr. [Hubert] Hadley‘s death   Creech family [reunion?]
1929 Plan for electricity   Miss Kimano; Home Ec. Extension     Sun up in N.Y[?]; Performance of Robin Hood
1930   End of 5-6 grades; Testing Line Fork fire; School on Isaacs Run.


Miss [Katherine] Pettit  retires

Dr. W…? & Stapleton Pageant on Aunt Sal’s Day; Book published [?]
1931 Crayfish in reservoir Agrit?? added; Co-op started?   Glyn Morris arrives    
1932   Print shop   Boy shot on May Day PMSS Health Assoc. Forest fence [?] ; Mikado
1934   Testing        
1935 Diesel Plant Counselor Sinoanc ?? last for PMSS …?        
1936       Death of Miss Pettit   Girls’ Octet on tour;
1937     Sundance Inst. ; Pack horse librarian     In N.Y.
1938 Milk House; Reading Room f …; Swimming Pool resolved   Churnaw? Home Ec. Worker 6 delics??   Silver Jubilee; Singers at White House, D.C.
1939 Stage in Burkham built; School gets “A” rating; Junior class; Community group PMSS Institute      
1940 Old Laurel House burns; New Laurel House begun; School poultry discontinued        
1941 Sleeping porches on Boy’s House closed; West Wind begun; Jubilee [House] built Home Ec. for boys and Mechanics for girls Extension and guidance      
1942 West Wind completed and dedicated; REA came   5th Guidance Institute Glyn Morris leaves; Mr. [William] Webb comes   Harmon Fdn. Motion Pict. produced ; Strep throat epidemic; Pur town co-op; Mid-summers Night Dream produced

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