KATHERINE PETTIT Correspondence 1920

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 07: Directors


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GALLERY: Katherine Pettit Correspondence 1920

CONTENTS: Katherine Pettit Correspondence 1920

January 8, 1920. [unsigned] to Miss Pettit. Miss Garfield, Misses Wright; Angela Melville’s trip; Fred Creech. [001]
January 10, 1920. [unsigned] EZ to “Kate” Pettit, Lexington, KY. Met with Mr. Watkins, engineer, about building the road. [002-003]
January 12, 1920. [unsigned] EZ to “Kate” Pettit, Lexington, KY. More about Mr. Watkins and road-building; Miss Wright; Henry Creech; workers’ meeting. [004-005]
January 13, 1920. [unsigned] to Miss Pettit, Lexington, KY. Various updates; Mrs. Zande carried over mountain. [006-007]
January 13, 1920. Secretary to Mr. Nolan. Tracking “pokes” sent to Miss Pettit. [008]
January 12, 1920. [unsigned] EZ to “Kate” Pettit, Lexington, KY. Support for Mr. Watkins, road engineer. [009]
January 15, 1920. [unsigned] to Miss Pettit. Various updates; Miss Wright; mail inspectors. [010-011]
January 20, 1920. [unsigned] to “Kate” Pettit, Lexington, KY. Rehiring Angela [Melville]; fundraising; hiring for extensions work; Alice Butler; workers. [012-014]
January 21 [no year]. Katherine Pettit to “Ethel” [handwritten]. Plans for
Angela [Melville]’s fundraising; managing workers. [015-022]
January 24 [no year]. Katherine Pettit to “Ethel” [handwritten]. Her response to Mr. Dorsay’s request to leave the dairy & poultry dept. [023-028]
January 24, 1920. [unsigned] KP to Mr. W.F. Cushing, The Moore Pen Co.,
Boston, MA. Thanks for mending fountain pen. [029]
January 24, 1920. [unsigned] to Miss Pettit. Miss Sheltman; Elhannon; Miss
Barber; workers’ book; post office inspection; other updates. [030-031]
January 27, 1920. [unsigned] EZ to Miss Pettit, Lexington, KY. Mr. and Mrs. Dorsay’s leaving; hiring and managing housemothers. [032-035]
January 30, 1920. [missing second page] to Miss Pettit. Mining Camp survey; mail inspectors; Josephine Cathcart arriving in fall; Clarence & Elsie Smith left. … [036]
January 31, 1920. [unsigned] to “Kate” Pettit. Replacing Mr. Dorsay. [037]
February 3, 1920. [unsigned] to Miss Pettit, Lexington, KY. Describes various correspondence activities; Miss Lawson. [038-040]
February 6, 1920. [unsigned] to Miss Pettit. Details of Rhoda Melinda’s knee injury. [041-042]
February 9 [no year] K. Pettit in Lexington, KY, to “Ethel”. [handwritten]
Miss Melville arrival date; Minnie Bullock; fundraising contacts. [043-046]
February 10 [no year] Katherine Pettit, Lexington, KY, to “Ethel”.
[handwritten]. Agreement with Miss Melville; Mt. Conference. [047-048]
February 10, 1920. [unsigned] to Miss Pettit. Josephine Cathcart to arrive as replacement; Miss Sheltman & Miss Robbins can help with your mail. [049]
February 14, 1920. [unsigned] to Miss Pettit. Fencing; calendars; Mrs. Zande returns today; Boy Scouts; Miss Storer; Harriet Butler; Miss Lawson. [050-051]
February 16, 1920. Secretary to Mrs. W. O. Bullock, Lexington, KY. Rhoda Melinda’s injury and transporting her home; Dr. Huse; leaving PM next Monday. [052]
February 20, 1920. [unsigned] to Mrs. W. O. Bullock, Lexington, KY. Miss Pettit wrote that Rhoda Melinda should stay at P.M. [053]
February 21, 1920. [unsigned] to “Kate” Pettit. Mr. Dorsay; Angela [Melville]; Miss Butler’s illness; need children’s home at P.M.; using convict work on the road. [054-055]
April 16, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Miss Annette” (Mrs. William Pettit). Thanks for bundles and material; Margaret Butler; sewing classes; Martha May Norton. [056]
April 19, 1920. [unsigned] KP to Mrs. W.O. Bullock, Lexington, KY. Thanks for hats; sewing society for aprons; Miss Melville; Miss Butler; Line Fork. [057]
April 19, 1920. [unsigned] KP to Miss Harriet Butler, St. Louis, MO. Sorry you are in hospital; Louisiana cruise; Nan Cobbs’ book; Miss Furman’ stories. [058-059]
April 22, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Melissa” (Mrs. Chester Comb), Kodak,
KY. Walter Combs is furniture-maker; May Ritchie married Mr. Deschamps. [060]
April 21, 1920. [unsigned] KP to Miss (Angela) Melville, Louisville, KY. Uncle Charlie Blair; Line Fork settlement house. [061]
April 24, 1920. [unsigned] KP to Mr. C.N. Buck, New York, NY. Mrs. Campbell and Mr. Sharp’s ballad book; survey of Harlan county; extension plans. [062-063]
April 28, 1920. [unsigned] KP to Mr. Lyman Ward, The Southern Industrial
Institute, Camp Hill, AL. Sends dollar for the barn. [064]
April 29, 1920. [unsigned] KP to Mrs. Harvey Turner: invites her to visit. [065]
April 29, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Cousin Minnie” (Mrs. B.F. Atchison), Louisville KY. Plans for new extension settlement houses; thanks for Tourist Club gift. [066]
April 29, 1920. [unsigned] KP to Miss Edna Fawcett. Louisiana visit; graduation events; Girl Scout rally; Miss Butler’s work; extension plans; Miss Melville’s fundraising; barn; Mr. and Mrs. Dorsay; invites her to teach at P.M. [067-068]
April 29, 1920. [unsigned] KP to Miss Gamaux, Lockport, LA. Added to mailing list. [069]
April 29, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Min” (Mrs. W.O. Bullock), Lexington, KY. Need for nightgowns; graduation & May Day events; Marguerite Butler’s work; extension plans; Miss Melville’s fundraising. [070-071]
April 30, 1920. [unsigned] KP to Harriet White (Mrs. Edward Gould) Staten Island, NY. Cash gift; Miss Melville; mailing list names; Marguerite Butler’s work. [072-073]
April 30, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Lillian” (Mrs. Higgin Lewis), Lexington, KY. Looking for summer job for Berea girl, Viola Boggs. [074]
May 5, 1920. [unsigned] Katherine Pettit, Lexington, KY, to “Miriam”. New Orleans visit; Marguerite Butler’s Line extension work & plans; Miss Melville’s fundraising. [075-076]
May 6, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Joseph” (Josiah H. Cooke), Prague, Czecho-Slovakia. Cecil Sharpe; cruise; Cary Johnstone; Boy’s House; Line Fork; graduation. [077-078]
May 12, 1920. [unsigned] KP to Dr. Huse, Big Laurel (KY) Medical Settlement. Asks for return of Canon Bartlett books. [079]
May 14, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Lillian” (Mrs. Higgins Lewis), Lexington, KY. Thanks “ladies” for the material; Lilliath Robbins; meeting with Line Fork community. [080]
May 20, 1920. [unsigned] KP to Miss Elizabeth Elkin, Hindman, KY. Asks about Battle Creek. [081]
May 20, 1920. [unsigned] KP to Mrs. J. R. Horton, Lexington, KY. Thanks for Mary Painter’s letter and pictures; endowment fund. [082]
May 20, 1920. [unsigned] KP to Cassie B. Smith, Bath, KY. Interested in buying Cassie’s fiddle. [083]
May 20, 1920. [unsigned] KP to ‘Henderson” (Mrs. Attila Norman), Seattle, WA. Annual subscription; Line Fork and Big Laurel; Mr. Roettinger; Peter Pan at May Day [084-085]
June 8, 1920. [unsigned] KP to Miss Martha VanMeter, Ashland Ave., Lexington, Ky,,asking for assistance in securing some grey shambry cloth so Pettit can stabilize her paper maps.  [085-2]
June 11, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Isabella” (Mrs. Graham Edgar), Charlottesville, VA. Cousin Sarah; cruise; writing about mountain people; extension work. [086-087]
June 23, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Cousin Minnie” (B.T. Atchison), Louisville, KY. Thanks for clothing; Harold Pettit; Jane Simmons; Martha Van Meter; the road; Boone Callahan; James Madison; extension work; Miss Gaines. [088-089]
June 30, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Carey” (Mrs. Hanson Thomas), Pittsburgh, PA. James Madison; McCoy; new settlement; forestry work; Mr. Deschamps. [090-091]
June 30, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Audrey” (Mrs. Clifford Gratz), Flushing, NY. KP’s love for P.M.; cruise; extension work; the Company’s gift of land; book purchases. [092-093]
July 15, 1920. [unsigned] KP to Mrs. Scroggin, New Orleans, LA. Lonesome Tunes; extension work; Miss Butler. [094-095]
July 31, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Nannie” (Mrs. Nannie Fitzhugh Maclean), Knoxville, TN. Community help with new extension. [096-097]
August 19, 1920. Freight Receipt from Food Department, Madison, TN, Nashille Agricultural Normal Institute, Madison Rural Sanitarium. [098-099]
August 24, 1920. [unsigned] KP to Josiah N. Combs, Prague, Czecho-Slovakia. Invites him back to P.M.; Mr. Deschamps; May Ritchie; mountain songs. [100]
September 6, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Lillian” (Mrs. Higgins Lewis), Lexington, KY. Expecting Miss Dennis, Line Fork teacher, and Miss Palmer, Red Cross nurse. [102]
September 22, 1920. Katherine Pettit to Mrs. J. R. Morton, Harbor Springs, MI. Newspaper reports about Miss Parsons; lawyers; Celia Holton. [103-104]
October 26, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Gentlemen”, Nashville Agricultural Normal Inst., Food Dept, Madison, TN. Response to their billing. [105]
November 6, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Waller” (Dr. Waller Bullock), Lexington, KY. Mr. Deschamps; Bullock’s offer of Scout knives; prizes to students; Will Browning. [106]
November 9, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Lillian” (Mrs. Higgins Lewis), Lexington, KY. Thanks for dresses, food; clothing needs; Mary Winifred; William Browning. [107-108]
November 10, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Min” (Mrs. W.O. Bullock), Lexington, KY. Need money for Parsons case; Mr. Breckinridge’s editorials; Mrs. Zande’s work. [109-110]
November 16, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Gentlemen”, Egalite-Wilson Fruit Co, Lexington, KY. Waiting for grapefruit delivery before paying bill. [111]
November 16, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Min” (Mrs. W.O. Bullock), Lexington, KY. Thanks for items; met with reporters; Mrs. Zande and Mr. Manee in Harlan. [112]
December 3, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Min” (Mrs. W.O. Bullock), Lexington, KY. Thanks for raising money for Herald Fund; pianola. [113]
December 8, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Min” (Mrs. W.O. Bullock), Lexington, KY. Thanks for gifts; Miss Florence Simpson; Miss Sallie Leigh Young to knit stockings. [114]
December 10, 1920. [unsigned] KP to “Min” (Mrs. W.O. Bullock), Lexington, KY. Quote from Herald about perpetrator of crime; Christmas tree tradition at PMSS. [115]

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